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As a call center manager, all you have to do is simultaneously stay under budget, delight your customers, train and retain your agents, transparently handle load swings, monitor and improve agent productivity, maintain quality control, prepare and deliver reports, and if we missed anything please let us know.

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Customer experience matters

When your customers want to reach you, they often reach for the phone. They may have plenty of questions or problems, but they rarely have patience. To satisfy your customers while keeping your service representatives productive and your costs down, you need a cloud-based solution that is rock-solid reliable and agile enough to support load swings.

You are in the middle of it all

In a hyper-competitive world of social-media empowered consumers and non-differentiated products and services, customer experience can make or break a company. We don’t have to tell you that one of your challenges is that your existing technology is getting in the way of progress.

Islands of information are obstacles to your goals

Most contact center and customer service managers try to simultaneously improve customer satisfaction and control costs. That takes agile and reliable systems that promote productivity.

And compound integrated systems are expensive and complicated

Historically, you’ve had to deal with four or more vendors as you tried to cobble together a complete solution. And what you find is that your voice communications, customer service, chat & web collaboration, and social media solutions leave you with islands of information that prevent you from delivering efficient and effective customer service.

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Bright Pattern solves these problems

Rather than dealing with multiple disparate systems, Bright Pattern make your job easy. We provide you with the option of dealing with a single vendor and little or no integration—even for a complete voice, web, CRM, and social media solution. The ServicePattern solution provides 360-degree service, improving delivery of service and customer experience.

Unified Customer Service Management (UCSM)

We provide a customer service management platform that helps you improve the customer experience while lowering your costs doing so. It is a seamless platform that supports all common communication channels and provides all of the customer and case history and status even when you or they jump from one channel to another.

The alternative is to cobble together technologies from multiple vendors, and then to try to integrate them. But the result is a brittle architecture, and the past decade has taught us how expensive, frustrating, and ineffective that is.

UCSM is the fusion of three technologies

  • Voice and non-voice communication channels
  • Routing, queuing, and distribution
  • Functional applications such as CRM (customer data), service desk (case management), surveys, and quality management.

Our approach is to offer all of this functionality in one easy-to-activate, easy-to-scale, easy-to-use solution.

Introducing ServicePattern™

All the access your customers want

Your customers choose how they want to contact you. ServicePattern supports voice (inbound and outbound), web connections (such as call me, chat, and email requests), and social media. All of these communications channels are treated similarly by the ServicePattern architecture, so reporting , management, and analysis is inherently cross-functional and holistic to give you the most accurate picture possible of the performance of your customer service function.

All the applications that you need

ServicePattern Unified Customer Service Management (UCSM) is the fusion of voice and non-voice communication channels; routing, queuing, and distribution logic; and functional applications such as CRM (customer data), service desk (case management), surveys, and quality management. We offer all of this functionality in one easy-to-activate, easy-to-scale, easy-to-use, second-generation cloud-based solution.

All the simplicity your service reps need

The average customer service representative has to task switch among 4 applications. We offer a single desktop interface, one-click navigation, a clear view of personal performance, easy access to help and support, and flexibility in work locations.

Say hello to activation

Say goodbye to overly complex and costly contact center infrastructure. Bright Pattern offers the next generation of cloud-based contact center and customer service management solutions. With flip-the-switch activation, you can deploy in days and make changes in minutes.


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