Offer your customers the convenience of web chat. It can lower costs, improve customer satisfaction, and significantly improve online revenues. And, because it supports effective multitasking, chat can considerably reduce per-transaction costs, and your customers will enjoy faster initial response times.

Chat buttons on support sites encourage users to find their own answers with the confidence that a real person is only a click away. That way, chat helps you leverage your knowledge base and vice versa. And many people would rather not speak out loud about sensitive issues but prefer the increased privacy of web chat.

TIP: When you implement chat, make sure you do it as an integral part of your customer service platform—rather than as a separate standalone channel. Otherwise, you are just creating another silo of information and erecting one more barrier to your goal of excellent and efficient customer service.

Improve agent productivity:

Agents can handle more than one chat session at a time, something that is not possible with voice calls.

Easy website integration:

Embedding our click-to-chat widget is a snap. You can be up and be running in just a few minutes. Simply select the desired look and then copy and paste the generated HTML code.

Comprehensive tools allow agents to provide great service:

Have you ever wondered why a chat response is taking too long? We’ve thought through the chat experience from the customer’s side, and implemented important features that let agents meet and exceed customer expectations. (Like seeing who has been waiting for the longest.)

All chats are unique; all agents are special:

Customers are happiest when they quickly reach the person who can solve their problem. Agents are only effective when they spend time on interactions that they are qualified to handle. ServicePattern includes tools that help you effectively route incoming and ongoing interactions to the right person.

Automate with chat scenarios:

Our feature-rich chat scenarios allow you to identify customers and to collect relevant data for precise routing, segmentation, and prioritization; as well as provide effective self-service.

Manage service quality:

Of course, the ServicePattern platform provides all of the features you need to effectively measure and react to service quality issues. But what make it unique and highly empowering is that it is unified across a channel. So instead of fractured data, you get true insights that support sound strategic and tactical decisions.

Leverage your existing data with powerful integrations:

Access vital information in customer and other databases.

Get a proper perspective with historical reporting:

Kick-start your best practices with out-of-the-box templates.

Do more with friendly, web-based user interfaces:

We designed and built our UIs based on decades of lab and field research and experience. Why? Because when something is easy to find and do, people do it more often. Powerful functionality goes wasted when it is too hard to find or figure out. ServicePattern makes it easy to be great. Including simple security; agent desktop; supervisor desktop; and administration.

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