Call Center for Salesforce from Bright Pattern

Integration of cloud contact center with Salesforce empowers your users to maintain a complete view of customer activity and to communicate with their customers the way that the customers choose to, such as phone or web chat.

Pre-packaged integration means there’s no custom coding.

Salesforce Click-to-Call, Screen Pop – and more!

Bright Pattern edition for Salesforce enables you to run your contact center into Salesforce at the cloud level. With ServicePattern cloud contact center software in Salesforce you can:

  • Communicate with your customers the way they choose.
  • Enjoy a convenient combined user interface with zero-install and single sign-on, featuring click-to-call, screen pop and activity history update
  • Give your customers the convenience of self-service applications in multi-channel IVR.*

All of which makes your organization better equipped to compete and reach your sales and customer satisfaction goals. With Bright Pattern you can transform your customer interactions by integrating your CRM system to the cloud contact center.


  • Identified account’s information appears as a screen pop and toaster pop-up in Salesforce upon call arrival
  • Single sign-on saves time logging in and reduces password problems
  • Reaching your customer in one click with click-to-call saves time and minimizes mistakes

Customer satisfaction

  • Let customers choose their channel
  • Prioritize customers waiting in queue based on Salesforce data*
  • Minimize the need to repeat information on transfer with Salesforce screen

Cost reduction

  • Single sign-on reduces the effort of maintaining multiple passwords
  • No need to install and maintain integration software on agent computers
  • Customer self-service increases satisfaction and reduces costs*

contact center Salesforce Integration

Feature Details of ServicePattern Cloud Contact Center in Salesforce

  • Pre-packaged integration between Salesforce and ServicePattern cloud contact center solution allows easy installation, no custom code is needed.
  • Single sign-on (Salesforce authenticates Agent Desktop via OAuth2)
  • Presence management: agent can control their availability to ACD and other agents (complete contact center capabilities)
  • Embedded Agent Desktop with call/chat control (dial, hang-up, hold/retrieve, consult & blind transfer, multi-party conference, switch between calls/chats)
  • Click-to-call directly from Salesforce
  • Transfer with Salesforce object on screen as context
  • With this CRM integration switching between calls switches contexts as well
  • Agent directory, recent interactions, and favorites
  • When the Salesforce window is under other windows, the toast pop-up shows customer’s name and what service they are calling for
  • Screen pop for all media types; define in scenario which objects to pop, or search terms to show results for
  • Activity creation & auto association; includes call disposition, annotations, and related objects
  • Built-in customizable survey scenario with capability to propagate result into activity history*
  • Data lookup, including related objects and their fields*
  • Contact center integrated in Salesforce allows customer identification and prioritization, based on data lookup*
  • Manipulation of Salesforce data (Create, Update, Delete SFDC objects)*
  • Use supplied softphone browser plugin, SIP desk phone, or any PSTN number for calls

Integration of call center with Salesforce CRM information leads to significant benefits for the enterprise by improving customer satisfaction and reducing operational costs.

Requirements for successful Integration between Salesforce and contact center

  • Browsers include:
    • Internet Explorer 8+
    • Mozilla Firefox 11+
    • Google Chrome
    • 32 & 64-bit
    • OS (for softphone): Windows XP, Windows 7 Business
  • IP bandwidth: 90kbps full duplex per call for voice calls and associated data

* Salesforce data lookup and manipulation from scenarios requires the Salesforce API option

Want more information? Download our two-page ServicePattern Cloud Contact Center Solution in Salesforce integration brochure.

Find out more about our Contact Center Solution.

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