Do We Need a New Inside Sales Model?

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Do we need a new sales model? An ebook specifically designed for mobile devices, by Bright Pattern Co-founder Erhan Cakmak
It is clear that we are undergoing a major transformation in sales and how the sales process is conducted. Are we entering a new era, which some experts such as Esteban Kolsky, Founder & CEO of ThinkJar, call the post-CRM era? Perhaps, but the fundamentals won’t change. However, the inside sales phenomenon is real and is impacting sales organizations of every size, at every kind of enterprise.
Inside sales is a discipline that has shifted in the past ten to twenty years from the famous “dialing for dollars” model where sales interns would call relentlessly until someone would answer the telephone, to try to get a meeting with more experienced sales representatives, to a discipline that focuses on finding solutions to problems.
Here’s what you will learn by reading this e-book:

  • Why sales has been shifting from the field to inside sales.
  • How sales and marketing are more closely integrated than ever.
  • What you must do to adapt this changing environment.
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