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Making Sense Of Social

When someone is talking about social networks today, they invariably mean Facebook and Twitter. While they are the most prominent, there is actually much more to social networks than these two. For business, Facebook and Twitter are good for marketing and promotion, while other social networks make more sense for private communication with a customer.

Brochure Social

Reinventing Customer Service

Social messengers represent a rich communication tool that is very familiar to most people. Many people have one, two, or even several social messengers on their smartphones and use them regularly to talk to their friends and close ones.

reinventing cust serv

In-App Customer Service

Customers can now request live assistance from a contact center agent within the context of their mobile app, without having to begin a new call, go through the IVR, wait in a new queue, identify themselves, and explain why they are calling, which is typical of today’s contact centers. Download brochure

In-App Dreamforce

Integration With Salesforce.com

For Salesforce.com users, we offer a close, simple, integration with the force.com platform. It empowers your users to maintain a complete view of customer activity and to communicate with their customers the way that the customers choose to, such as phone or web chat. Download brochure

Salesforce integration

Customer Service Using Mobile App In-App Add-On

Customer Service over WhatsApp

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