Salesforce Integration

For Salesforce users, we offer a close, simple integration with the platform. It empowers your users to maintain a complete view of customer activity and to communicate with their customers the way that the customers choose to, such as phone or web chat.

Pre-packaged integration means there’s no custom coding.

With ServicePattern integration, you can:

  • Communicate with your customers the way they choose.
  • Enjoy a convenient combined user interface with zero-install and single sign-on.
  • Give your customers the convenience of self-service applications.*

All of which makes your organization better equipped to compete and reach your sales and customer satisfaction goals.




  • Identified account’s information appears in screen and toaster pop-ups upon call arrival
  • Single sign-on saves time logging in and reduces password problems
  • Reaching your customer in one click saves time and minimizes mistakes

Customer satisfaction

  • Let customers choose their channel
  • Prioritize customers waiting in queue based on data*
  • Minimize the need to repeat information on transfer with screen

Cost reduction

  • Single sign-on reduces the effort of maintaining multiple passwords
  • No need to install and maintain integration software on agent computers
  • Customer self-service increases satisfaction and reduces costs* Integration

Feature details

  • The integration is pre-packaged, so no custom code is needed
  • Single sign-on ( authenticates Agent Desktop via OAuth2)
  • Presence management: agent can control their availability to ACD and other agents
  • Embedded Agent Desktop with call/chat control (dial, hang-up, hold/retrieve, consult & blind transfer, multi-party conference, switch between calls/chats)
  • Click-to-call
  • Transfer with object on screen as context
  • Switching between calls switches contexts as well
  • Agent directory, recent interactions, and favorites
  • When the window is under other windows, the toast pop-up shows customer’s name and what service they are calling for
  • Screen pop for all media types; define in scenario which objects to pop, or search terms to show results for
  • Activity creation & auto association; includes call disposition, annotations, and related objects
  • Built-in customizable survey scenario with capability to propagate result into activity history*
  • Data lookup, including related objects and their fields*
  • Customer identification and prioritization, based on data lookup*
  • Manipulation of data (Create, Update, Delete SFDC objects)*
  • Use supplied softphone browser plugin, SIP desk phone, or any PSTN number for calls


  • Browsers include:
    • Internet Explorer 8+
    • Mozilla Firefox 11+
    • Google Chrome
    • 32 & 64-bit
    • OS (for softphone): Windows XP, Windows 7 Business
  • IP bandwidth: 90kbps full duplex per call for voice calls and associated data

* data lookup and manipulation from scenarios requires the API option


Want more information? Download our two-page Salesforce integration brochure.