ServicePattern cloud contact center product highlights

ServicePatternTM represents the next generation, high-performance, cloud contact center. It offers a fusion of voice, web, social media, and skills-based routing with a unified architecture and convenient controls to provide efficient and effective customer service and support. ServicePattern offers unique advantages for everyone who uses it, or is served by it.

Blended Contact Centers

In reality, no contact center these days is exclusively ‘inbound’ or ‘outbound.’ Nominally ‘inbound’ agents will need to make outbound contacts, and contact center managers need the flexibility to reassign agents to different campaigns as the business environment changes. Blended contact centers are the norm. ServicePattern inherently supports blended contact center operations on a single cloud-based platform, with native support for channels other than voice.

cloud contact center

cloud contact center

Native Multichannel Support

Native multichannel support means no longer having to integrate with a third-party point solution for customer engagement channels beyond basic inbound our outbound voice. Native multichannel support means built-in support for live web chat, e-mail, social media and other channels. It means effectively treating each new engagement channel as a voice channel, with the ability to offer customer experience surveys after every engagement, and standardizing and normalizing reporting data for “big data” analysis and a clear view of customer experience across all channels. And we designed it in from the ground up.

Unified Customer Experience

A clear view of customer experience across multiple channels is a unified view. One that allows you to easily analyze engagement metrics, and quickly capitalize on new insights. That could mean anything from identifying ways to improve customer engagement processes to segmented customer profiles that highlight your most profitable customers, or those most receptive to up-sell offers.

cloud contact center

cloud contact center

Most Scalable Platform

Let’s face it. First generation cloud-based call center systems have a scaling problem. Either your agents get split across service domains, our your vendor tries to steer you back into a legacy premise-based solution after you cross a threshold, forcing you to surrender the benefits of a cloud-based platform they sold to you. ServicePattern has been tested and proven to support 5,000, or more, cloud contact center agents in a single service domain, so you can start with any number of agents, and grow as large, and as rapidly, as you need to.

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