ServicePattern Web Chat Brochure

Thank you for your interest in ServicePattern Web Chat. Web Chat is a valuable addition to any customer service management strategy. But when you implement chat, make sure you do it as an integral part of your customer service platform—rather than as a separate standalone channel. Otherwise, you are just creating another silo of information and erecting one more barrier to your goal of excellent and efficient customer service. Fill in the form to the right to get all of the details on how ServicePattern Web Chat can help your contact center reach your goals. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the details:

  • One size doesn’t always fit all. You can offer multiple different services and widgets throughout your website, and manage multiple services easily in our administrator portal.
  • The limit of simultaneous chats per agent can be set by the administrator per system, per team or per specific agent (taking into account the agent’s ability).
  • Agents can easily transfer chats to another agent, or service, or conference them in for consultation. Agents can request help from supervisors or team leads by flagging a chat or via internal chat.
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