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No one wants to be slowed down by technology. No one wants less flexibility. No one wants their technology to make delivering support more expensive or constraining. What pretty much everyone wants is to have faster, more flexible, and less expensive service delivery methods. They want to enhance their delivery of customer experience and make things better. ServicePattern is here to help you change your customer’s world – for the better.


Let’s start with measurement, because you can’t manage what you can’t measure. With ServicePattern, you can measure every call and web transaction and generate get a scorecard from your customers. With measurements in hand, you can objectively tell how you are doing with the services you are providing for your most important asset, your customers. No longer do you have to wonder if your clients like the way you are delivering service, you will have direct and empirical data to know that they like and don’t like. This kind of focus on customer feedback is how you really improve customer satisfaction. Studies prove that happier customers buy more and remain with your company longer. It just stands to reason; if they are happy, why would they go anywhere else?

Change the channel

Delivering flexible communication channels also contributes to a better customer experience and higher satisfaction. People like to have it their way, so offering choices for voice, self-service, and web methods to get to the answers that they are looking for really makes sense in an era of empowered customers. When your customers are on the run, they may prefer mobile communications with texting or email from their smart phone, rather than a live conversation or interacting with self-service systems that require more attention than they can afford when mobile. A launch-and-go method might be what works better. But when at home or the office, those long standing and reliable approaches might better fit the needs of the moment. ServicePattern lets you deliver service the way the customer wants to be served, when they want to use it. But because our platform is unified, you only have to learn one system and use one interface for all of those communications options. What a break for you.

Flex your specs

Most of us are in a pretty fast-paced and changeable work environment. Being able to expand and contract your customer service team with seasonal needs is an important flexibility point for your budget. No longer do you have to buy for the peak of the year only to have some of your capacity sit idle for part of the year. That’s wasteful. With ServicePattern we can provide you with on-demand capacity from a few positions to thousands with a flip-the-switch activation process for setting up or expanding services. With the ServicePattern Virtual Delivery Model you don’t even have to have office space for the incremental agents. Our solution allows you to support both office and home-based agents in common work groups and flexible scheduling to meet your business needs. We keep it simple with routing to any agent for any call delivery to get the right work to the right agent in the office, at home, or even mobile if you choose.

So for customer service, we are here to help you with:

  • Measuring and understanding customer satisfaction scores.
  • Flexible channels for voice, self-service, and web delivery.
  • Flexible capacity and delivery of interactions.
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