In-App ID

Messenger app integration helps contact centers connect with customers on Facebook Messenger, LINE, Telegram, Viber, and more. When messenger conversations begin, customer identification is automatic, as customers with known messaging app accounts are identified with 100% accuracy through the apps. This time-saving feature helps agents bypass the steps to identify and preview contact information, and instead, jump right into the conversation.

Pushing Data to Agents

Customer data is pushed to the integrated Agent Desktop, enabling customers to be identified automatically according to their Facebook profile, LINE username, Telegram username, or Viber ID.  This capability is secure for customers because only their public data is revealed to agents. Moreover, customers keep their place in a queue, ensuring that priority customers are identified as such and are served faster.

Saving Contact Data

All contact data from messenger interactions is saved in our comprehensive reports, with chat transcripts, sentiment analysis, recorded media, and more. Because conversations are saved to customer cases, data travels with the customer from channel to channel instead of being relegated to the type of interaction.


  • Automatic contact identification
  • Messenger apps push customer data to agents
  • Contact data is saved to omnichannel reports
  • Customers save their place in queue and priority

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