Sentiment refers to one’s attitude, emotion, or opinion as it relates to a service, business, or product. Accordingly, for contact centers, sentiment analysis is the study of customer sentiments in an email, SMS/text, chat, and voice interactions between agents and customers. When used to monitor conversations, sentiment analysis can effectively provide detailed information about a customer’s feelings and opinions regarding specific subjects of conversation, products, agents, your company’s reputation, or even aspects of call center performance (i.e., wait times, helpfulness, etc.). Some analysis is conducted using machine learning. For most sentiment analysis programs, sentiments are scored, so as to provide measurable data for seemingly objective emotions and opinions.

Sentiment analysis provides:

  • Measurable data for customer sentiments (attitudes, emotions, opinions, etc.)
  • Performance indicators for call center agents, products, and services
  • Monitoring of customer behavior in email, SMS/text, chat, and voice interactions,
  • Language understanding for automated chats and services

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