What Does ACD Mean

What does ACD mean? ACD is defined as automatic call distribution, a technology that routes all types of interactions—email, voice, rich web chat, SMS/text, and social messengers—to contact center agents based on their skills and availability. Driven by ACD management tools, this technology promotes fair, automatic agent selection and short wait times for incoming calls, helping contact centers maximize agent time and improve customer satisfaction. Callers waiting in an ACD IVR queue will receive assistance faster than callers who do not wait in an ACD line. Moreover, callers who speak to ACD agents get the best-qualified agents on the line. Bright Pattern Contact Center includes such ACD software solutions, along with analysis via ACD reporting, in its omnichannel contact center solutions.

ACD offers contact centers valuable solutions:

  • Automatic distribution of calls to contact center agents
  • Short wait times for customers
  • Fair agent selection based on agent availability and skills
  • Efficient call routing for contact centers
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