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Integration with IBM Watson enables us to automate the flow of your conversations with bot-generated responses and self-service options, without compromising the feel of a regular chat. We add a human touch to your contact center’s automated chats, so that customers receive the same quality of service no matter who—or what—participates in the conversation.

A Hybrid Bot/Human Help Desk

Spare skilled agents from the monotony of handling simple tasks and frequent requests, and have chat bots handle them instead. At any time during an interaction, an agent can add a bot to a chat conversation to answer simple questions, collect data, or other tedious tasks, freeing the agent to fulfill other service requests instead. Likewise, the customer can request to connect to a live agent, and the bot will know exactly who should receive the interaction.

Your Questions, Answered

Agents can tap into an integrated bot/chat suggestion engine and “ask a bot” a question. The bot will provide an informed answer as a suggestion to the agent, which the agent is welcome to use in his or her reply to the customer. In addition, our automated systems allow your contact center to offer human assistance during conversations if visitors decide that the bot is unhelpful, which is also detected by the bot. Human intervention also gives the bot the opportunity to learn from live conversations and do better next time.


  • IBM Watson integration powers your chats with intelligent chat replies, interaction distribution, and more
  • Use chat bots, live agents, or both to address customer issues
  • Automatic Handling of frequent requests and simple tasks
  • Ask a bot a question at any time
  • Connect customers to agents upon request

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