Report Customizer

Bright Pattern’s report customizer makes it easy to create beautifully organized reports. With point-and-click ease, edit prefab reports by selecting columns of data to show, or create custom reports by dragging columns of data onto each table and scheduling resulting data sets. Then save the report layouts that you know you will use frequently. Conveniently, columns are shown by default in order to fit on Letter-size paper.

Column Selector

Our straightforward column selector tool helps you select exactly which columns of data you wish to display. When selected, a pop-up dialog shows the available data types (e.g., abandoned calls, self-service, etc.) to display in the columns, in a similar fashion to the statistics selector that supervisors can use when customizing the real-time stats to be shown on the Agent Desktop. The column selector makes it easy to pick and choose which information is included in a report.

Scheduled Reports

Scheduled reports also store the configuration of report columns. When a new scheduled report is created, the columns are selected from the most recently run ad-hoc report that uses the same template. Once saved, the scheduled report columns are saved in in the scheduled report definition, where they can be edited.


  • Customize reports using drag-and-drop report builder
  • Save favorite report layouts
  • Customize report templates
  • Select which data to display in columns
  • Auto-fit reports on letter-size paper
  • Schedule reports

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