Your Conversation, Continued

When a customer redials within minutes of dropping a call, the call is delivered to the same agent that helped the customer, bypassing IVR and queues and resuming the interrupted conversation. Customers do not have to listen to and select from menu options or explain why they are calling, all over again, with a different agent.

Automated Call Processing

Dropped calls are handled by our innovative scenarios, which define the logic of how interactions are processed and automated. Contact centers using our Scenario Builder application can specify exactly what will happen if a call is dropped by either the customer or the agent.

Catch the Same Agent, Immediately After the Call Drops

A dropped call could be sent to the agent handling that contact on some other media, such as chat. Alternatively, it could be sent to the same agent who handled that customer while the agent is still in the After Call Work (ACW) state, wrapping up the call, adding dispositions, creating notes, or scheduling follow-ups. If that same agent is no longer available, the call can be placed in the queue for another agent to accept.


  • Quick reconnection of a customer to the same agent after a call is dropped
  • No IVR menus or wait times
  • Resume conversations within minutes of the dropped call
  • Work with the same agent who handled the call interaction
  • Go back to the queue only if the original agent is unavailable
  • Automate your call path

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