Point-and-Click List Management

Managing your call center’s contacts and campaigns doesn’t have to be challenging. Our system provides extensive sorting and filtering of calling lists in order to maximize output and organize campaign records. Point-and-click list management helps you decide which data fields are shown, how they are formatted, and how they are organized.

Work with Records Like a Pro

Work with multiple call center operations, and move records from campaign to campaign with our list manager. Easily add, update, delete, import, and export records in order to build the contacts lists you need for various services and applications.

Reach Out to Priority Contacts

Prioritize hot leads quickly by sorting and filtering for high-priority contacts. Then associate calling lists with outbound campaigns to help your contact center reach targeted groups directly.


  • Sort and filter calling lists
  • Maximize list output and organize campaign records
  • Easily add, update, delete, import, and export records
  • Prioritize hot leads
  • Move records and lists across multiple campaigns and operations

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