Connect on Popular Platforms

Bright Pattern omnichannel cloud call center software integrates with a growing number of messenger applications, including Facebook Messenger, LINE, Telegram, and Viber. For the customer, chats look the same as any other conversation on their app. For the agent, chats look the same as any other web chat. During active chats, agents can request to chat with customers on a supported messenger app, without dropping the conversation.

More Than Just Text

Rich chat capabilities allow customers to interact with your contact center via popular messaging applications, expanding regular chat conversations with the capability to send photos, stickers, emojis, videos, files, locations, links, and more. No longer confined to the web browser or mobile text messaging, customers are free to connect on the platform with which they are the most familiar.

All Chats Routed to Skilled Agents

Our omnichannel system routes all chat interactions to logged-in skilled agents who can respond in context to any customer inquiry, recognize customers, record and distribute the interactions to supervisors, capture customer satisfaction with post-transactional surveys, and assess performance through an extensive set of reports.


  • Chat with customers on their preferred messenger apps
  • Share photos, videos, files, locations, emojis, etc.
  • Omnichannel system routes all chats to skilled agents
  • Request to chat on a messenger app like Facebook Messenger or LINE
  • Conversation continuity helps mobile customers talk on the go

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