Types of Calling Hours

Calling hours are the timeframes when your contact center reaches out to people. Safe calling hours are the timeframes that are linked to recorded area codes and postal codes. Dialing customer phone numbers during optimal calling hours keeps your call center compliant while helping to maximize the chance that someone will actually answer the call.

Defining Calling Schedules and Phones

Your contact center can define the calling schedules for phones of specific types (i.e., home phone, mobile phone, etc.) and the order in which the phones will be called. For example, you can have only mobile numbers called during the day, and only home phone numbers called during evening hours. Or, you may wish home phone numbers to be called first and mobile phones second.

Using Safe Calling Hours

Safe calling hours can be enabled for United States zip codes. What this does is enable an additional timezone check using the postal code, rather than just the area code alone. If both the timezone associated with the area code and the timezone associated with the postal code are different, calling the corresponding number will take place during the “safe” window only (i.e., when the campaign is open in both timezones).


  • Define the calling hours for dialing contact phone numbers
  • Be compliant while maximizing the probability of the calls being answered
  • Select the order in which phones are called
  • Enable safe calling hours for an extra check on both area codes and postal codes

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