Where and Why

During a chat conversation on one of our integrated messenger channels, agents can receive a customer’s geographic location, directly within the messaging app. That means that both mobile and desktop customers can relay location information without saying (or typing) a word–a helpful capability that increases accuracy in location identification, saves time, and is stored in chat transcripts.

Supported Messengers

Location sharing is initiated by the customer during active chats on integrated messengers such as Facebook Messenger, LINE, Telegram, and Viber. The location is popped to agents, who receive the customer’s location as a link to a mapping service (e.g., Google Maps). This can then be used to facilitate specific services related to their organization.

Integrated Agent Desktop

Location sharing is enabled by the messenger integrations supported by your contact center. During active interactions, agents can easily request to switch chat conversations to an integrated messenger and back again. For the agents, the conversations look the same as normal web chats and are shown in the Agent Desktop application.


  • Agents receive a customer’s location from messenger applications
  • Customers initiate location sharing
  • Available for supported messengers like Facebook Messenger, LINE, Telegram, and Viber
  • Conversation continuity from web chat to messenger chat
  • Integrations put all channels of communication on the Agent Desktop

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