Visual Indicator

At the top of the Agent Desktop is a visual timer that shows agents which contact they are chatting with and how long they have been waiting for their reply. For agents who handle multiple chats while accepting phone calls and emails too, the timer is invaluable for reminding them of their active chats and minimizing the time between the latest incoming message and the agents’ reply.

Iconic Timers

Each chat interaction has its own timer, which helps agents track conversations based on which have been active the longest or which has been waiting the longest for a reply. Timestamps are also shown on every message within a chat. Interactions on different channels may happen concurrently, and those interactions have their own timers as well. To differentiate between them all, the timer is shown beside an icon that indicates whether the active interaction is a voice call, chat, call on hold, and so forth.

Status Update

Agents may get back to each conversation by clicking on the timers, icons, or the Chat section of the main menu. Our Agent Desktop application makes it easy for agents to engage in multiple interactions at a time without becoming overwhelmed. Helpful timers and icons provide at-a-glance status on every active interaction, no matter what the agent is doing on the Agent Desktop.


  • Track active chats with visual timers and icons
  • Quickly view the time elapsed since the interaction started
  • Track multiple chats by seeing which has been waiting the longest for a reply
  • See active chats listed alongside calls and emails
  • Omnichannel Agent Desktop organizes active chats for productivity and efficiency

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