Restful Web Service

Based on representational state transfer (REST) technology, our RESTful APIs provide periodic data export and import, screen pop, web services access, and more. Also known as RESTful web services, RESTful application program interfaces (APIs) use HTTP requests to GET, PUT, POST and DELETE data. This is managed in user-friendly scenario blocks in our Scenario Builder application.

Direct Database Access

Direct database (DB) access provides the utmost flexibility in getting the most useful data for your contact center’s services, campaigns, lists, reports, and so forth. Direct DB access can be done via JDBC, SQL statements can be executed on a specified database, and data can be shared between scenarios.

Go Beyond Integrations

Our RESTful APIs and direct DB access simplify the process of importing and exporting data, populating lists, server-side integrations, client-side integrations (such as those with Salesforce, for example), and more.


  • Web service access and direct database access via scenario blocks
  • Automated periodic data import and export
  • Server-side integration via RESTful interfaces
  • Direct DB access via JDBC
  • SQL statements supported

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