Real-Time Conversations

Your contact center can select where interactions are routed and when. Almost always, it is best practice to keep customer calls in the same region as the agent teams who accept the calls. Also known as follow-the-sun routing, same-region routing allows agents and customers to communicate with each other in the same time zone.

Global Overflow Only When Needed

If no one in the same region is available to accept a call, or when wait times are too long, the call can be routed elsewhere. Although the preference is to keep a call close to agent teams, our contact center solution is flexible, offering a global overflow capability for exceptions to the rule.


  • Calls are routed to the nearest agent teams, when possible
  • Same-region routing connects customers to agents in the same time zone
  • Interactions can be overflowed globally to other contact centers during busy times
  • Calls are distributed automatically
  • Follow-the-sun routing keeps callers and agents in the same region

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