Automated Notifications

Our contact center solution uses our innovative Scenario Builder application to automate the delivery of emails and SMS/text messages to customers. Controlled via scenarios, these email and SMS messages can provide customers with helpful notifications, transcripts, survey requests, confirmation numbers, appointment reminders, and other written information automatically—without a live agent or customer having to do anything.


At the end of a chat interaction, your customers can opt to receive a full written transcript of their conversation. Also controlled by scenarios, the customer’s email address is collected from the customer, and the chat transcript is emailed to the customer immediately after the conversation ends. System administrators and supervisors may access these transcripts as well, applying them to their quality monitoring and agent performance grading.

Survey Requests

Our innovative scenarios can collect even more information from the customer via brief survey requests. Automatically appearing at the end of an interaction, such survey requests can include default questions for customer satisfaction as well as two custom questions as determined by your contact center. Surveys gather important data that can help assess and improve your contact center or agent team’s performance.


  • Automated delivery of emails and SMS/text messages
  • Send end-of-chat transcripts via email
  • Request customer feedback via end-of-interaction survey requests
  • Customize your messages with Scenario Builder
  • Gather important data for reports, agent grading, service performance, and more

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