Keep Active Conversations Alive

During active web chats, customers who navigate to the different websites or minimize their web browsers will receive pop-up web notifications when agents have sent a new message, when the chat has become idle due to inactivity, and when the chat session is about to expire. Notifications slide into view on customer screens, providing visual reminders of active chat sessions.

Keep Chatting

Web notifications remind customers about their chat sessions, helping to reduce customer-abandoned chats. All too often, visitors to your website stray from their chat conversations. Our helpful notifications bring them back. Customers receive web notifications automatically, as long as their web browsers are set to allow pop-ups.

Custom Chat Settings

Your contact center can configure specific messages to be popped to customers during chats—  messages that convey inactivity warnings, chat session timeouts when agents have joined or left the chats, and the end of chat sessions. User data plugs in the names of the agents who are available to chat, giving customers a more personalized experience.


  • Web chats include web notifications
  • Web notifications remind customers of their active chats
  • Pop-up alerts show when new messages are received or when sessions are about to expire
  • Contact centers can customize the contents of web notifications
  • Reduce customer-abandoned chats

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