Bright Pattern is a global provider of cloud-based contact center software that helps businesses to organize work, automate frequent responses, and stay in context of the customer inquiries from contact to contact, irrespective of the contact channel. Our software is handling millions of our customers’ conversations every month, so the individual impact of each of our employees’ contributions is huge.

As a Technical Content Developer at Bright Pattern, you will be responsible for driving our overall technical content strategy and how it enhances our user’s product experience. Using your extensive technical and leadership experience, you will start as an individual contributor and grow a team of writers over time.

As a part of it you will have to:

  • Develop a strategic content plan for the knowledge bases in terms of how-to articles, FAQs, reference materials, in-product guides, walk-thrus and checklists, API documentation, to support onboarding and feature adoption.
  • Conduct content audits to identify gaps in existing knowledge base content.
  • Identify user needs using data and feedback across multiple teams/stakeholders (Customer Success, Support, Retail) and prioritize content as necessary.
  • Standardize terminology across content types (in-app, help articles, marketing materials).
  • Work hands-on with features to test functionality, provide usability feedback, and improve designs.
  • Monitor customer feedback through NPS to understand areas of improvement.
  • Partner with Engineering and Product Management to become familiar with new features and how they enhance Bright Pattern’s customer experience.

Required Skills and Qualifications

Degree/Qualifications in a writing-intensive field, Computer Science, Engineering, Information Technology or a related field, and/or significant work experience creating and editing technical content – with a portfolio to demonstrate it.

  • Experience designing and delivering customer-facing and technical documentation.
  • Experience of defining editorial standards such as a style guide.
  • Experience using multiple documentation tools to write, format, manage, and publish high-quality content.
  • Experience producing/editing video tutorials to help users learn and maximize value from the platform.
  • Experience working with cloud services or other developer-focused products.
  • E-commerce and/or B2B SaaS platform experience.
  • This position requires a combination of both excellent technical and management skills. You have to be able to pick the right approach, plan and then follow through the execution – by communicating, convincing, leading. Ideally you would be able to do a superior job yourself, as well as effectively coach and delegate any tasks, so the other team members can do equally great work.

This is a unique opportunity to work in a company who is the leader in its market and continues to invest in expanding its advantage. In addition, you’ll work in an exciting, fast-paced startup environment with experienced industry leaders.

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