Does it Sound Familiar to You?

Customer data is unfortunately not all contained in zendesk. It also resides in external applications, databases, and CRM systems. Customer service agents have to look for critical information, entitlement, balance, purchase history, … And guess what, they have to do it while on the phone with customers. It takes both their time. It frustrates customers to feel the agents are defocused and busy doing something else.

Flexible Data Access

Bright Pattern lets you define how calls and chats should be processed using graphical scenarios. These workflows give you control over all the interaction stages from cradle to grave.

Scenarios feature building blocks to access any data source, such as Amazon Redshift or MySQL, CRMs such as Salesforce or ServiceNow, or any RESTful web services.

Scenarios allow Zendesk data manipulation, agent screen pop, and object creation.

Give Back your Agents Their Time!

Bright Pattern Contact Center Software for Zendesk lets you identify customers and retrieve their complete profile across various systems and applications. The process is transparent and takes place behind the scenes. Customer context is available at the same time agents to receive a call.

All information is updated in the systems of record. The same automation is used to create tickets or new customers in Zendesk when needed.

zendesk full data access and scenario builder