Cloud VoIP

Cloud VoIP (voice over IP) is the transmission of voice and multimedia over IP networks on the internet. For cloud contact centers, cloud voIP is what enables voice communications to be delivered online, from external sources to a softphone (or other connected phone), and vice versa. Cloud voIP is necessary for any cloud contact center, or virtual contact center, that offers inbound and outbound voice services.

Cloud VoIP provides:

  • Voice and multimedia content transmission over IP networks online
  • Voice communications on the cloud
  • Inbound/outbound voice call capability to and from your registered phone device
  • The ability to use softphones (software phones) as your primary registered phone

Bright Pattern’s omnichannel contact center software helps simplify omnichannel customer service for customers, agents, and contact center managers. Our cloud contact center solutions provide effective multichannel communications, CRM integrations, cloud APIs, and tools for quality management.

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