What is Inbound Call Center

Inbound call centers are the central point of contact for any business that offers customer service. As such, an inbound call center is where businesses and their customers interact, communicate, and share information. Some businesses may offer inbound services exclusively, where the customer always initiates the interaction, while others may offer both inbound and outbound services, or simply outbound. Inbound call centers typically include many ways for customers to get in touch: voice calls, chats, web inquiries, email, SMS/texts, messengers, social networking sites, and more. Inbound call centers are generally used with contact center software to facilitate multichannel routing of interactions, monitor interactions for performance and quality, and maintain data for analysis and tracking.

An inbound call center provides:

  • A central place for customers to initiate interactions with businesses
  • Multichannel routing of customer-initiated interactions
  • Services for voice calls, chats, web inquiries, email, SMS/texts, and social networking sites
  • Agent performance monitoring for quality management and for customer service tracking

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