ServiceNow Chat

ServiceNow chat helps IT administrators, help desk teams, and experts provide live support to customers and end users. Just one of the many communications solutions available from ServiceNow integration with Bright Pattern Contact Center chat is an important tool that’s convenient for customers, agents, and IT administrators alike. With ServiceNow chat, users can talk to people in real-time, solving problems in real time and even creating incidents directly from chats.

ServiceNow chat solutions provide:

  • Real-time messaging
  • Live support for end users
  • The ability to create incidents directly from chats
  • One-on-one or group chats

Bright Pattern Contact Center integration with ServiceNow brings experts and knowledge workers into customer conversations, in context, to resolve service inquiries faster. Omnichannel communications for ServiceNow allow your contact center to assist with problem resolution or service request fulfillment. ServiceNow users can recognize customers, record and distribute the interactions to analysts, capture customer satisfaction with post-transactional surveys, and assess analyst performance through an extensive set of reports.

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