ServiceNow Contact Center Features

How ServiceNow Integration Features Help Your Contact Center

Bright Pattern’s Omnichannel Communications are built on a platform that lets ServiceNow administrators customize them for their organization’s unique workflows.

ServiceNow screen third

Scenarios and IVR technology provide:

  • The capability to work with multiple ServiceNow accounts
  • Web service access
  • Database access
  • Web application “screen pop” functionality on the user side, driven by URL query string parameters
  • Skills-based omnichannel routing of chat and voice with priority and media precedence; multiple interactions on an analyst; priority overrides
  • Chatbot API and bot integrations
  • Omnichannel recording, transcripts, and quality management
  • Accurate tracking of analysts’ time
  • The ability to save interactions to an activity log
  • Analyst performance reports

Agent Desktop integration offers:

  • Dynamic user interface
  • Built-in softphone
  • Numerous other ways to take phone calls using external devices
  • Click-to-dial functionality
  • Chat (Facebook Messenger, LINE, Telegram, SMS, Viber, WeChat, and webchat)
  • Built-in Knowledge Base
  • Email case management
  • Multi-session chat on analyst
  • Canned responses
  • Directory access
  • Call control (hold, transfer, conference)
  • Multiple calls to analyst
  • Send screen on transfer
  • Disposition and notes
  • Supervisor UI built into ServiceNow (real-time dashboards, multichannel monitoring, and grading)

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