ServiceNow CTI

ServiceNow computer telephony integration (CTI) is a technology that effectively enables computer systems to interact with phone, chat, email, and SMS/text services. With CTI, voice calls are routed from caller to agent with relevant caller data attached and “screen popped” to the agent’s desktop. ServiceNow CTI is used to computerize all aspects of communications, including softphone connectivity, “screen pop” functionality, call routing, caller authentication, voice recognition, IVR, voice and video interactions, outbound dialing, telemarketing, and so forth. When a call center uses CTI, its agents can make and receive calls from their computers, while reviewing caller data at the same time.

ServiceNow CTI provides:

  • Computerized management of phone services for call centers
  • Screen popped data for voice interactions
  • Convenient caller authentication
  • IVR and automated call routing

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