Improve agent productivity and save with voice and chat in Zendesk

[df_list][df_list_item icon=”fa-flask”]COMPLETE ZENDESK INTEGRATION[/df_list_item][/df_list]

Pop tickets, dial people in one click, post call history on tickets automatically

[df_list][df_list_item icon=”fa-globe”]ANY BROWSER[/df_list_item][/df_list]

Simplify deployment with Chrome, Firefox, IE or Safari, no extensions are required

[df_list][df_list_item icon=”fa-phone”]ANY PHONE[/df_list_item][/df_list]

Use supplied optional softphone extension or a PSTN phone (dial in and stay on the line or have system dial the number) all options keep the call going when browser is restarted, all use the same controls on the web widget

[df_list][df_list_item icon=”fa-comments”]ANY CHAT[/df_list_item][/df_list]

Chat, SMS, Social messaging with Facebook, WeChat, LINE and Telegram (all priced as an inexpensive option) along with internal chat. Chat and messaging are pushed to desktop using multimedia skills-based distribution. Multiple chat sessions on agent

[df_list][df_list_item icon=”fa-eye”]UNIFIED SUPERVISION[/df_list_item][/df_list]

Supervisor role, in addition, gets real-time stats, call monitoring and grading along with team messaging right from Zendesk


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