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Pain-Free Handling of Calls, Chats, and SMS in Zendesk

You have offered your customers the convenience of contacting you over chat, SMS, and voice, yet you find yourself frustrated with the systems that help you manage these channels. The issues include but are not limited to:

Calls interrupting chats and SMS, and vice versa, hurting the quality of service and confusing agents
Agents having to switch between systems to handle different media types, adding confusion and making service levels suffer
Activity reports for calls and chats that are not only disjointed, but show your teams underperforming

Calls and chats in Zendesk cause frustration?

The Solution

You need a solution that combines all interactions in a unified queue while letting your agents handle them from a single user interface inside your Zendesk application. The Bright Pattern omnichannel solution for Zendesk helps you to:

Prioritize calls over chats and SMS


Combine calls, chats, and SMS in a common queue. Route to them based on skills, arrival, and priority

Get unified reports on contact volumes and agent performance across channels


See how the Bright Pattern omnichannel solution for Zendesk has helped your peers take control over their multichannel communications

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