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Speed, agility, & rapid delivery of innovation

Our cloud contact center solution increases customer satisfaction and call center productivity. It’s simply the best customer-service software for enterprise companies

Call Center

Inbound, outbound, & blended

Intelligently route calls with IVR and ACD, launch campaigns with predictive and progressive dialers, and be omnichannel with social, mobile, email, and chat

True Omnichannel

Voice, SMS, chat, messengers, video, & email

High-quality calls and innovative messaging enable rich conversations. Simultaneously talk on the phone, video chat, message, text, and exchange photos and files

AI and Bots

Advanced self service & customer insights

Chatbots, Natural Language Understanding, voice transcription, AI assistance, and other cognitive technologies are built-in and integrated from partners

CRM Integrations

Salesforce, Zendesk, Oracle, & more

Our vast integration network includes leading CRMs, social messengers, and databases, so you can work seamlessly with customer data across all systems and apps

Built for Cloud

Scalable, easy to deploy, & cost effective

Whether you have 5 or 10,000 agent seats, enjoy nondisruptive maintenance and on-the-fly upgrades, enterprise global deployments, and more, from any cloud


Blended Omnichannel Communications

Choose channels in any combination for effective communication. Chat while on a call. Receive pictures from mobile devices while chatting. Override email with a phone call. Easy productivity

Voice Calls

IVR, ACD queuing, Multi-Skill Routing, Predictive, and Preview Dialer


Skills-based email distribution or pull from a shared queue. Knowledge Base


Convenience, ubiquity, privacy, records. Post-transactional surveys


Rich communication. Positive identification. Customer convenience

Live Chat

Rich communication from a web page

Video Calls

Build trust with video

In-App Support

Positive identification. Full user profile data. Easy 1-button contact

Omnichannel Conversations

Our cloud contact center software simplifies omnichannel customer service for customers, agents, and contact center managers. Talk to customers on multiple communications channels concurrently, exchanging photos, videos, and files. Build meaningful conversations across phone calls, chats, emails, SMS/text messages, and social messengers


Clean, Helpful Agent Workplace

Built for speed and intuitive switching between channels, our Agent Desktop displays all omnichannel customer interactions together as conversations, in their context, linking those conversations to multi-sourced customer data

Unique Architecture

Superior business continuity is guaranteed by our cloud architecture. Our disaster management platform uses the active-active approach to ensure that all sites in your geographically distributed system share the transaction load and offer continuously available transactions, even if a site fails

Why Wait?

We are happy to answer questions, discuss specific workflows and requirements on a live presentation online, describe core benefits, or set up a pilot project to trial our applications without paying any license fees. Let Bright Pattern’s cloud contact center solution help you change the pattern of customer service.

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