“Rich Contact Experience” is a technology for concurrent multi-media communication between a customer and a business, which improves the customer satisfaction and reduces business expenses. Bright Pattern leverages capabilities of a smartphone, tablet or a web browser to provide Rich Contact Experience.

  • Concurrent multimedia means a customer and a representative during a text messaging session are free to set up and tear down voice and video sessions, and exchange images whenever they feel like it;
  • It improves customer satisfaction: Rich Contact Experience alerts customers when a representative is available, instead of making them wait; it offers choice of channels during conversation; it speeds up resolution by helping to send photos and images of documents for better productivity;
  • It reduces business expenses: with Rich Contact Experience, a voice call is made either over PSTN from representative, or over the Internet. In either case, the cost is lower than with current practice of using toll-free phone numbers. The productivity of representatives is increased as a result of better customer identification with data coming from the mobile app or web page, as well as from multi-channel communication.

Here is how it works:

    • rich-contact-experienceThe transaction is initiated via a “Help” or “Contact” button from a smartphone app or a web page, eliminating the need to look up and dial phone numbers;
    • The customer is routed to the correct representative without the need for an IVR interaction because the key information is passed automatically from the application;
    • If there is a necessary queue or hold, customers can go about their normal business and they will be alerted when a representative is available;
  • During the transaction, parties may interact via a voice conversation, chat, exchange photos, or pictures of documents;, text (SMS); there is no need to hunt for a pen and paper to write down reference numbers, etc., the interactions and data are all inclusive;
  • Video could be used for enhanced personal feedback that is so important in sales situations;
  • There are significant savings over toll-free transactions, as there is no expense for the wasted time customers wait in a queue and any need to include an initiated outbound voice channel to the customer is more efficient using negotiated outbound rates, or free via VoIP.

The Rich Contact Experience is available for websites and mobile apps. We provide a comprehensive free suite of tools to get your team going: a native library and example code for iOS, and Android; and a REST API example is provided for website use.


  • Your customers can contact you via a button in mobile app or website;
  • All information the app or website has about the caller and what they are doing is transmitted first. This information is used for prioritization, service selection, and screen pops;
  • Show different buttons to different people;
  • Chat, voice, pictures and even video, simultaneously or separately;
  • Your customers don’t have to hunt for phone numbers.
  • Let the app or webpage collect and send all the info needed, even location, instead of having your customers use 12 touch tone keys in response to prompts;
  • If there is a wait, tell you customer how long it is, let them go, and alert them when the representative is ready, instead of having them wait on hold listening to music, afraid to miss the representative.



  • The toll-free experience is unchanged since Super Bowl I (1967). The prices you pay also linger in the past, harder to negotiate than outbound long distance;
  • You can convert all your inbound and toll free traffic to outbound, balanced between competitive carriers;
  • You won’t have to pay for the time people wait on hold in queue, because they won’t.
  • Your customers and representatives can exchange pictures, documents, and even video during interactions;
  • This beats trying to describe verbally what you see, or hunt for a fax machine to send papers.