Web Chat for Contact Center

Live chats offer valuable convenience for online customers. Using our click-to-chat widget, visitors to your website can ask questions and get real-time help, when they want it, without having to call your contact center directly. For their reference, transcripts are saved and emailed to customers upon request, for added customer satisfaction.

Agents benefit from live chat for websites as well–able to handle multiple web chats simultaneously, agents work more efficiently and serve customers faster. What’s more, canned chat responses and Knowledge Base replies ensure consistency in replies, from agent to agent, within the contact center. End-of-chat surveys give customers the chance to rate their experience, adding helpful data to agent performance evaluation and training.

Bright Pattern’s powerful live chat software scenarios control how web chat messages are routed to agents. Chat scenarios can automatically query customers and access back-end data before distributing the live chat for contact centers.


  • Representatives can handle multiple web chats simultaneously for better live chat support.
  • Canned responses and Knowledge Base articles improve agent speed and interaction quality.
  • Chat transcripts are saved and sent to customers via e-mail.
  • End-of-chat surveys gather meaningful data.
  • Integrations with CRMs, such as Zendesk Chat, provide cross-chat functionality for live chat websites.

Easy Website Integration

For live chat for websites, our widgets are easy to integrate, customize, and deploy. Adding live web chat functionality to your organization’s website involves simply copying and pasting our prefab HTML onto your site. Known as the HTML snippet, our code is what enables website visitors to access your web chat service and talk to agents online.

To embed our click-to-chat widget, you need system access to your organization’s website and the HTML snippet auto-generated in our Contact Center Administrator application. Launch the chat service, copy the code, and paste it into an Edit HTML field of your website in order to get those conversations going.


Improved Agent Productivity

Agents can handle more than one chat session at a time, something that is not possible with voice calls. Able to respond to one customer while waiting for a response from another, agents become more productive with their time.

Prewritten responses pulled from our Knowledge Base repository allow agents to send standard replies for common questions, quickly. In addition, canned chat responses make it easy for agents to send fast greetings (i.e., “Hello, I can help you….”) and remarks (i.e., “Thank you….”), significantly reducing repetitive typing on your contact center’s live chat website.


Automation Meets Chat

Our feature-rich chat scenarios collect relevant data for customer identification, precise routing, segmentation, and prioritization. Such data includes, for example, a customer’s name, email address, and question. Effective for self-service, our out-of-the-box scenarios tie directly to the routing system for accurate distribution of every live web chat request.

Scenarios can communicate with the customer by initiating prompts, collecting data, analyzing data, and sending replies.


Skilled Agents = Problem Solvers

Customers are happiest when they quickly reach the person who can solve their problem. Agents are only effective when they spend time on interactions that they are qualified to handle. Our live chat software solutions include tools that help your contact center effectively distribute inbound interactions to the correct person, thus improving live chat support.

Insights with Historical Reporting

Out-of-the-box report templates provide important insights into your web chat interactions. From these reports, your contact center can effectively analyze anything from agent performance, time spent waiting in a queue, and dispositions to occupancy, campaign performance, and more.


Service Quality Management

Our innovative platform provides all of the features you need to effectively measure and react to service quality issues. But what makes Bright Pattern unique is that it is unified across all channels: voice, chat, email, and SMS. Instead of fractured data, you get true insights that support strategic and valid decisions for all services offered by your contact center. For example, you can track interactions, get chat transcripts, and grade agent chat performance from one place.

User-Friendly, Web-Based UI

We designed and built our cloud-based user interfaces based on decades of lab and field research and experience. Why? When something is easy to find and do, people do it more often. Technology should never get in the way of your job. With Bright Pattern, powerful functionality is teamed with intuitive controls designed to help agents, supervisors, and administrators work better together and turn added productivity into higher customer satisfaction.


Why Wait?

We are happy to answer questions and discuss specific workflows and requirements on a live presentation online or set up a pilot project to trial the solution without paying any license fees

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