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Packages and Options For Every Use Case

Bright Pattern offers simple packages to best fit your specific requirements. Whether you need voice, omnichannel, or additional features like omnichannel quality management and AI, Bright Pattern has a package to meet your needs. Bright Pattern’s platform is designed with flexibility and scalability in mind, and our software can be applied in any industry, use case, and budget. First, choose your package, then choose the add-ons you need.

Call Center Standard

Voice-focused call center package

Digital CX

Digital-focused contact center package

Omnichannel CX

Voice and digital contact center package

Bright Pattern Mobile

Omni-enterprise CX Package

Additional Options If You Need Even More Functionality


Co-browsing allows you to view the customer’s screen and their inputs for faster resolution of customer issues via screen sharing.

Native Remote Assist

Natively-built remote assist allows you to take control of another users desktop, improving efficiency, problem resolution speed, and training speed. It can be used to help customers or for supervisors to train and instruct remote contact center agents.

HIPAA Compliance

Fully HIPAA compliant with access control features, advanced encryption, secure data storage, and comprehensive audit trail. Keep protected health information and private patient records secure.

Omnichannel Quality Assurance

Monitor quality on 100% of all interactions across all digital channels. Score and coach agents on any channel - even if remote. Real-time agent assistance and interaction intervention to ensure customer retention and high CSAT scores.

Best-of-Breed AI

Powered by top innovators like Microsoft and IBM Watson. Can be integrated into any part of the customer journey. Can be utilized in sentiment analysis, keyword analysis, transcription, chat bots, agent assist, and more.

CRM Integrations

Integrations with any CRM system. Can be integrated with any major third-party CRM provider or your own, native system of records. Can be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Zendesk, and Oracle Service Cloud.

ITSM/ESM Integrations

Bright Pattern partners with best-of-breed ITSM platforms to help companies automate and turbocharge their service management. We support Ivanti, ServiceNow, and BMC, with more being added every month.

WFO/WFM Integrations

Integrations with WFM tools to empower your agents. Integration partners include Pipkins, NICE, Aspect, Loxysoft, Verint, and Monet Software.

PCI Compliance

Fully PCI compliant with robust firewalls for a secure network, advanced encryption, malware protection, multi-level permissions and access restrictions for data, network monitoring, and documented security policies.

Extended Voice and Screen Recording

Voice and Screen Recording are included for 90 days and 30 days respectively in the base package. Bright Pattern provides the option to extend Voice and Screen Recording.

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