Bright Pattern offers flexible call center software pricing where you only pay for what you need! On our scalable platform you only pay for seat usage and features month-to-month. With our rapid deployment, you can get up and running in weeks to ensure the best time to benefit.

Customer Service Optimization
Inbound Voice ACD Y Y Y
Virtual queue/call back Y Y Y
Personal routing Y Y Y
Omni-channel ACD (Voice/Chat/Email) Y Y
Email processing PUSH - distribution and PULL - shared queue Y Y
Web chat routing (skills-based) Y Y
SMS/MMS conversations Y Y
Social media interactions routing Y Y
Same region (follow the sun) distribution Y
Omni-channel Scenarios, IVR, and Workflow
Visual flow builder Y Y Y
IVR voice scenarios Y Y Y
Omni-channel scenarios Y Y
Multilingual TTS for IVR Y Y Y
Prompt management Y Y Y
3rd Party Data access APIs Y Y Y
Automation workflows $ $ Y
Agent Empowerment
Context-driven UI Y Y Y
Web-based screen pops with 3rd party apps Y Y Y
Scripted conversations Y Y
Knowledge Base / Canned replies Y Y Y
Predefined Conversation Templates Y Y
Prerecorded Voice Messages Y Y Y
Click to Call APIs Y Y Y
Agent home screen performance stats Y Y Y
Customer experience
Contact Management Y Y Y
Customer profile / Customizable view and object structure Y Y Y
Customer journey/conversations history Y Y Y
Customer Identification Y Y Y
Omni-channel conversations Y Y
Customer data augmentation $ (usage-based, per match) $ (usage-based, per match)
360 customer view Y Y
Real-Time Sentiment level alerts Y Y
In-App Customer Service SDK (iOS, Android) Y Y
AI, Automation and Bot (usage-based IBM Watson)
Chatbot (web chat/sms/messengers) with NLU $ $
Sentiment reading $ $
Conversations Analysis and Word Cloud $ $
Agent Assistance $ $
Chat / Mobile Chat / Social
Customer initiated Web Chat Y Y
Proactive Chat Y Y
SMS/MMS chat Y Y
Credit Card Masking Y Y
Co-Browsing Y Y
Post transactional surveys Y Y
Secure forms Y Y
Web call back Y Y
Social Messengers (FB, LINE, VIBER, WECHAT) $/concurrent user Y
Proactive Contact
Preview Dialing Y Y Y
Predictive Dialing Y Y Y
Progressive Dialing Y Y Y
Voice Broadcast $/minute $/minute $/minute
Automated list load Y Y Y
Advanced dial rules Y Y
Automated results export Y Y Y
List management Rest API Y Y Y
Scheduled Callbacks Y Y Y
Extensive list sorting and filtering Y Y Y
Optimal Calling hours Y Y Y
Dynamic CallerID assignment (local Caller) Y Y Y
Right Party Contact Scenarios Y Y Y
Answering Machine Detection Y Y Y
Campaign Diagnostics Y Y Y
Real-time Campaign progress monitoring Y Y Y
Automatic Campaign Quota Control Y Y Y
Safe Calling hours Y Y Y
DNC lists Y Y Y
Campaign Diagnostics Y Y Y
Dynamic Scripting forms $ Y Y
Supervision and Quality management
Voice supervision (monitor, whisper, barge-in) Y Y Y
Chat monitoring, sulfur, participant Y Y
Email queue monitoring Y Y
Call Recording Y Y Y
Chat transcripts Y Y
Voice Transcription Y Y Y
Supervisor alerts / group messaging Y Y Y
Real-time agent adherence monitoring Y Y Y
Agent "Raise Hand" assistance Y Y Y
Agent Screen Recording $ $ Y
Standard 10 Question scorecards Y Y Y
QM Pro with customizable scorecards and QM assignments $ $ $
Post transactional CSAT/NPS surveys Y Y Y
Customizable reporting (drag&drop) Y Y Y
Reports delivery automation (email, FTP/SFTP) Y Y Y
Usage reports Y Y Y
Direct connection to historical DB for external BI tools $/concurrent user $/concurrent user Y
Recordings Exports Y Y Y
Transcripts and cases export APIs Y Y Y
Customizable Real-Time Wallboards Y Y Y
Security & Compliance
Data Encryption at rest $/concurrent user Y Y
Credit Card masking from email, chat and voice transcripts Y Y
Credit Card screen detection APIs (stop/resume recordings) Y Y Y
PCI Certified environment (+ $8000 one time) $/concurrent user $/concurrent user $/concurrent user
SSO (SAML2) with ADFS, OKTA, FORGEROCK $/named user Y
Audit trail Y Y Y
APIs & Integrations
Agent Desktop Widget with CTI API Y Y
.Net client API Y Y
SalesForce $ $ Y
Zendesk $ $ Y
RightNow $ $ Y
ServiceNow $ $ Y
3rd Party DB Y Y Y
3rd Party Web Service Y Y Y
WFM integration (ASPECT, VERINT, INJIXO, LOXYSOFT, MONET) $/concurrent user $/concurrent user $/concurrent user
Amazon S3 data offload (call recordings) Y Y Y
Custom SIP Trunk (BYOT) $/minute $/minute $/minute
Active-Active DR Y Y Y
Global Deployment with local voice peers Y
Telco Prices
Inbound to a DID US $/minute $/minute $/minute
Inbound to a US toll-free number $/minute $/minute $/minute
Outbound US $/minute $/minute $/minute
BYOC SIP trunk usage $/minute $/minute $/minute
BYOC SIP trunk setup $ (one time) $ (one time) $ (one time)
International Rates - vary by country See intl. rate deck See intl. rate deck See intl. rate deck
SMS Outbound over toll-free $/message $/message $/message
SMS Inbound over toll-free $/message $/message $/message
SMS Outbound over local DID $/message $/message $/message
SMS Inbound over local DID $/message $/message $/message
MMS inbound $/message $/message $/message
MMS outbound $/message $/message $/message
DIDs and TFNs
Local number $ number/month $ number/month $ number/month
Toll-free number $ number/month $ number/month $ number/month
International DID market price market price market price
Data limits: size & storage time
"Recordings | Chats | Stats | Audit Logs |
Emails 1 month | 1 month | 13 months | 1 month | 12 month"
"Recordings | Chats | Stats | Audit Logs |
Emails 13 months | 13 months | 24 months | 1 month | 24 month"
$/concurrent user $/concurrent user $/concurrent user
Screen Recording Storage BP - 90 days $/concurrent user $/concurrent user $/concurrent user



  • Discovery and Design Workshop
  • Configuration and Customization to customer requirements
  • Testing and Evaluation
  • Agent and Supervisor Training
  • Administration Mentoring & Knowledge Transfer


We are happy to answer questions, discuss specific workflows and requirements on a live presentation online, describe core benefits, or set up a pilot project to trial our applications without paying any license fees. Let Bright Pattern’s call center solution help you change the pattern of customer service