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Call center software


Bright Pattern allows your business to engage with customers across all channels and effortlessly switch between channels without losing the context of the conversation.

Give your customers a seamless, context-rich, and personalized customer experience. Track the customer’s journey from the beginning to the end with the advanced features of Bright Pattern’s powerful call center solution.


 Best of breed AI to help your agents and customers


Brighter bots to help your customers with seamless handoff to agents


Video chat for personalized customer service


Fast and easy email communication


Asynchronous chat to connect with your customers on the go


Communicate on messengers … WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, Viber and more


Enrich customer experience with web chat


Inbound Calls, Outbound Campaigns, IVR, and Callback


Power your mobile app experience with embedded chat, video chat, messaging, and document and picture sharing



Bright Pattern’s call center software is cloud-based and gives you all the functionality you want in your contact center software at a fraction of the cost of an on-premises solution.

There is no need to perform expensive upgrade tasks, as you automatically receive all new features and upgrades with no downtime or maintenance windows. This means that your call center is always up to date and that you always have the most advanced technology available.


All the channels you need, like text, email, voice, social media, video, live chat, or web chat, can be added easily at your pace with no downtime. With Bright Pattern’s call center software, you can get all the functionality you need at a fraction of the cost.


Bright Pattern’s call center software is designed with reliability and scalability in mind. Call centers need to be working around the clock to deliver great customer service and support to callers. Utilizing an Active-Active architecture, your call center will achieve the highest levels of availability. Bright Pattern’s cloud-based call center software solution also comes with 24/7 support from our highly rated customer support organization.

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Aside from connecting with customers on any channel and tracking their journey, you can ensure that the customer’s experience is consistently excellent every time they interact with your contact center with our natively embedded omnichannel call center quality assurance solution. With powerful artificial intelligence, you are able to review 100% of all interactions across all channels and only evaluate and score those that fall outside of your criteria. This eliminates the need for sampling and ensures that your agents and supervisors are focused on the most relevant interactions.

native omnichannel conversations


Bright Pattern seamlessly connects to your existing CRM system or any major CRM provider.  You can utilize all of your customer data to offer a better, more personalized customer experience. Leading a customer through the customer journey has never been easier with Bright Pattern customer relationship management (CRM) integrations. Bright Pattern will fully integrate with your existing system of record or customer relationship management system. Bright Pattern’s contact center solution integrates with all major CRMs including Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Oracle Service Cloud, ServiceNow, and Zendesk. Using customer relationship management software (CRM), you can streamline workflow, track a sales process, keep track of your clients, and deliver superior customer support. Through CRM integrations, you can boost customer satisfaction, leading to more sales opportunities and increased customer loyalty.


Bright Pattern’s omnichannel call center software fully integrates with WFO/WFM partners like Pipkins, NICE, Aspect, Teleopti, Calabrio, Monet Software and others to help you manage your contact center workforce. Bright Pattern’s WFO and WFM integrations help you analyze quality monitoring data, perform accurate schedule optimization, improve key performance indicators (KPIs), coach and train agents more efficiently, and provide flexibility to your contact center agents. Empower your agents and boost efficiency in your call center with comprehensive WFO and WFM integrations.



Bright Pattern’s call center software is fully HIPAA compliant, PCI DSS 3.2 compliant, TCPA compliant, and GDPR compliant.


Customers want to connect with your business on the channels they prefer. Whether they want to contact you through text, email, voice, social media, video, live chat, or web chat, Bright Pattern’s call center software is able to deliver the customer experience your clients expect.

Today customers expect a high level of personalization across all channels. They may start on a website, then move to a chat or SMS before speaking with an agent. With the Bright Pattern omnichannel contact center solution, your agents will have knowledge of all interactions across all channels, and then deliver a context rich and personalized customer experience. An omnichannel solution provides the seamless customer experience that will help build customer relationships, boost customer service, and empower contact center agents.


  • True omnichannel
  • Inbound call center
  • Outbound call center
  • Blended call center
  • Integrates with all CRM platforms
  • Single customer view
  • Computer telephony integration (CTI)
  • VOIP enabled
  • Campaign management
  • Rich administration and supervisor tools
  • WFO/WFM integration
  • Call logs
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Omnichannel quality management
  • Click-to-call, click-to-chat capability
  • Screen-pop functionality
  • Intelligent digital and call routing
  • Historical reports
  • Progressive, automatic, and predictive dialers
  • Automatic call distribution (ACD)
  • Auto dialer / power dialer
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • AI capabilities
  • Call recording
  • Screen recording
  • Built-in knowledge base
  • Omnichannel Agent Desktop
  • All digital channels (e.g., chat, email, SMS/MMS, messengers, video, etc.)


Bright Pattern is dedicated to making call center software easy-to-use, while being dynamic and powerful. Bright Pattern provides a powerful Unified Agent Desktop that is easy-to-use for the agent and provides powerful functionality for your call center. The Unified Agent Desktop enables agents to view all customer interactions on the omnichannel system on one desktop application. Agents can view the customer’s current journey and their previous interactions with your company. The Agent Desktop places all of the tools and functions at the agent’s fingertips, allowing the agent to give the customer a seamless, personalized experience.

call center software agent desktop

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call center software administration

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On the management side, Bright Pattern’s call center solution allows easy and flexible administration. Utilize tools like IVR, ACD, and predictive dialers to streamline the calling process and direct callers to the right agent. Through our dynamic scenario builder, you can tailor our contact center software to suit any industry or scenario that your call center needs to handle. Whether you’re in the high-tech industry or the healthcare industry, Bright Pattern’s call center software can be custom tailored for your industry. On top of this, Bright Pattern features a natively embedded quality management system that monitors 100% of all interactions on all channels. This eliminates the need to go through third-party software for quality management and allows you to implement a comprehensive QM strategy, further streamlining your call center.



Quality management in Bright Pattern is easy and comprehensive. Thousands of interactions across several channels makes it impossible for management to monitor interactions between agents and customers to ensure excellent quality every time. In many cases, businesses are only able to monitor less than 1% of all interactions their contact centers are conducting. Bright Pattern can review all of these interactions on all channels.


With Bright Pattern’s built-in quality management system, you can automatically review 100% of all interactions across all channels in your call center. Using the latest in artificial intelligence from Google, IBM Watson, and others, Bright Pattern will perform  actions such as key-word search, transcription, and sentiment analysis on every interaction across all channels and determine the quality of the interaction. The AI can be tailored with customized metrics that suit the channels that your contact center needs, giving you flexibility in how you monitor the call center. Through comprehensive monitoring and analysis, AI can alert a manager, supervisor, or QA specialist on what channels and interactions need improvement and what channels are doing well.


Bright Pattern’s quality management system is natively embedded into our call center software, ensuring that there is no need to translate the data and information into a  third-party platform and manage separate groups of users. This means you get instant access to feedback and rating on agent interactions, with none of the hassle of having to deal with multiple platforms.

Another feature that is possible with real-time AI monitoring is the ability to immediately intervene when an interaction becomes negative. If an interaction becomes unsatisfactory and the caller is at risk of leaving,  AI can detect the call and automatically reroute the caller to a retention specialist.

Implementing AI into your quality management system can boost customer satisfaction and streamline your call center. See our AI in action by requesting a demo


Bright Pattern’s call center software is designed with flexibility in mind. Every industry has different needs for their call center solution. That’s why Bright Pattern call center software can be customized for any use case or scenario in our dynamic Scenario Builder. Our software can be scaled for operations of any size and any purpose, whether your contact center specializes in inbound customer service, outbound sales, or both. Our professional consultants can assist you in creating the most efficient, effective software solution to fit your needs. Or you can easily create and change your software solution yourself, giving your call center flexibility and increasing efficiency. 

Whether your industry is in healthcare, high-tech, insurance, or any other industry, Bright Pattern’s dynamic Scenario Builder can be tailored by you or our professional consultants to best fit your needs.

call center software customizable

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Bright Pattern’s call center software supports seamless conversations across all channels, all-in-one, easy-to-use, unified Agent Desktop. Our true omnichannel capabilities ensure that your customers receive personalized customer service on any channel they use.


Bright Pattern’s call center software is also HIPAA, PCI, TCPA, and GDPR compliant, utilizing comprehensive, advanced security features to protect all sensitive customer information.


Based on the cloud, Bright Pattern’s call center software provides all of the powerful technology your contact center needs.


We also integrate with major CRMs, including Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Oracle Service Cloud, ServiceNow, and Zendesk.


Award-winning call center software with omnichannel capabilities and full CRM integrations. Bright Pattern provides seamless conversations across all channels with advanced features.


All of the perks, provided at an affordable, pay-per-use price.


Award-winning call center software with omnichannel capabilities and full CRM integrations. Bright Pattern provides seamless conversations across all channels with advanced features. Request a demo today and see how we make customer service easy.


Why choose Bright Pattern for your contact center solutions?

Bright Pattern’s contact center solutions are the best choice for any innovative business or organization. Bright Pattern’s software features some of the most innovative technology in the contact center industry, like omnichannel quality management and complete AI integration within the platform. 

Bright Pattern’s contact center solution is based on the cloud, enabling your CX operations to have a high amount of flexibility and scalability. Hire remote agents from anywhere in the world and transition your workforce to a remote setup at any time. 

Bright Pattern is award-winning, being recognized by industry leaders and analysts like Frost & Sullivan, Gartner Digital Markets, Ovum/Omdia, G2 Crowd, and more. Bright Pattern has the #1 ROI and Speed of Deployment, as well as #1 in Platform Functionality, #1 in Relability, and #1 in interoperability. Bright Pattern received outstanding reviews from customers in the contact center solutions category, outperforming all legacy contact center vendors.

What is an omnichannel contact center solution?

An omnichannel contact center solution is the next generation in how businesses communicate with customers and clients. In a traditional multichannel system, many channels of communication, like voice call, email, texting, and more, are bolted on to an older legacy system. This creates a disjointed experience for both the customer and agent, as the customer and agent have to jump through multiple hurdles to have communication across multiple channels. 

On an omnichannel contact center solution, all of these channels are united and integrated into one seamless journey. Omnichannel communication allows your customers and agents to start a conversation on one channel, then seamlessly switch between any number of digital channels, making the customer and agent experience frictionless. Start a conversation on voice chat, email, SMS messaging, messenger apps, or texting, and seamlessly move the conversation to another channel. The context of the conversation is kept so that the agent can pick up where the interaction left off, creating an effortless journey for the customer. 

An omnichannel contact center solution can increase customer satisfaction, increase customer engagement, and empower agents through seamless communication and a frictionless journey.

What are the benefits of Bright Pattern’s cloud-based contact center solution?

Bright Pattern’s cloud-based contact center solution has many benefits. Being based on the cloud means Bright Pattern’s contact center solutions provide the flexibility your contact center needs to hire remote agents and scale to seasonal demand. Flex your call center to meet heightened call volumes during peak hours and seasons, and transition your team to a fully remote setup quickly. 

Being cloud-based also gives your contact center access to the latest technology and tools with 0 downtime. Get access to powerful AI integrations, omnichannel quality management, complete CRM integrations, Microsoft Teams integrations, and other innovative new tech in an instant. 

Finally, being based on the cloud means Bright Pattern’s software requires little to no maintenance, is easy to deploy and use, and requires no on-premise hardware and software. Bright Pattern’s software is the fastest to deploy in the industry, with an average deployment time of only 1.6 months, and has the fastest ROI of any contact center vendor.

How does a contact center solution help remote workforce?

Contact center solutions can help remote workforces depending on the technology that is utilized by the contact center solution. With Bright Pattern, the tools and functionality needed for seamless remote workforce are built-in and accessible from the moment the platform is turned on. 

Tools like integrated best-of-breed AI, omnichannel quality management, and a cloud-based contact center solution enables a seamless transition to remote workforce at a moment’s notice. Even when going fully remote, your contact center team can be just as efficient at home, if not more so, than at the workplace through AI analytics and quality management. AI-powered quality management can ensure that your agents are highly productive and every interaction is high quality anywhere around the globe. 

Bright Pattern’s contact center solution is built into the cloud, meaning that agents can connect to your workforce from anywhere around the globe. Due to Bright Pattern’s telecom portfolio and cloud platform, you can ensure that agents across the globe connect reliably and with great quality audio and connectivity, ensuring that a global team can be unified and that every customer interaction is high quality and memorable.

Why is quality assurance important for contact center solutions?

Quality assurance built into your contact center solution can help monitor interactions and ensure high-levels of customer satisfaction. In Bright Pattern’s contact center solution, you can ensure that every step of the customer journey is excellent. 

Through AI integration, Bright Pattern’s Omni QM system can monitor 100% of interactions on all channels. Through sentiment and text analysis, you can monitor channels like voice, text, emails, SMS messaging, and messaging apps. If an interaction is detected to be negative, the call can be routed to a retention specialist in real-time, while the data is saved for retraining purposes. 

Quality assurance can ensure your customers are receiving great service every time, and can empower your contact center agents.