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Omnichannel Cloud-Based Contact Center Software

Bright Pattern’s call center software is based on the cloud. Bright Pattern is the best call center software to get easy access to an advanced cloud contact center solution. When new features, call center tools, and communication channels are added to the cloud call center solution, Bright Pattern allows your cloud contact center to get access, and cloud contact center agents can access the software from a browser, whether it’s on a laptop or at a desktop with a headset and phone system. Access powerful CRM integrations, omnichannel routing, and analytics and metrics. Bright Pattern provides a full contact center solution from the cloud.

Artificial Intelligence

Best of breed AI to help your agents and customers


Brighter bots to help your customers with seamless handoff to agents


Video chat for personalized customer service


Fast and easy email communication


Asynchronous chat to connect with your customers on the go


Communicate on messengers … WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, Viber and more


Enrich customer experience with web chat


Inbound Calls, Outbound Campaigns, IVR, and Callback


Power your mobile app experience with embedded chat, video chat, messaging, and document and picture sharing

Cost Efficient CCaaS Solution

Support customer service teams and get the best contact center solutions with features for your cloud contact center and team. Get features to deliver world-class customer experience, while saving costs on support teams, support center equipment, new features, deployment, and software options, and get access to advanced phone systems and customer support platforms for a reasonable price with a cloud contact center solution. All customer data, insights, and functionality is stored in secure data centers, keeping data safe from human error and helping in disaster recovery. Cloud contact centers are the modern alternative to premise contact centers, and are the best contact center solutions to increase revenue growth while maintaining key features and high reliability for organizations to deliver a world-class customer experience.

Powerful CRM Integrations

Bright Pattern’s contact center solution seamlessly connects to your existing CRM system or any major CRM provider. Bright Pattern is the top call center software with an intuitive platform for utilizing all of your customer data and insights, like phone numbers, past interactions, call activity, and putting all this data at your agent’s fingertips to offer a personalized customer experience. Providing great service and personalized experiences has never been easier with Bright Pattern customer relationship management (CRM) integrations. Bright Pattern will fully integrate with your existing system of record or customer relationship management system. Bright Pattern’s contact center solution integrates with all major CRMs including Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Oracle Service Cloud, ServiceNow, and Zendesk. Using customer relationship management software (CRM), you can streamline workflow, track a sales process, keep track of your clients, and deliver superior customer support. Through CRM integrations, you can boost workforce intelligence, leading to more sales opportunities and increased customer loyalty.

Zendesk CRM Integration

Omnichannel for Personalized, Effortless Interactions

Customers want to connect with your customer service agents, customer service teams, and organization on the channels using the features they prefer. Whether they want to contact you through text, email, voice, social media, video, live chat, or web chat, Bright Pattern’s contact center software is the best contact center solutions to be able to deliver the best customer experience and improve contact center performance.

In today’s digital world, customer expectations are high for personalization and a total experience across all channels. They may start on a website, then move to a chat or SMS before speaking with an agent. With the Bright Pattern omnichannel contact center solution, your agents will have knowledge of all interactions across all channels, and then deliver a context rich and personalized customer experience. An omnichannel solution provides the seamless customer experience that will help build customer relationships, boost customer service, and empower contact center agents.

Add Channels With a Click of a Button

All the channels you need, like text, email, phone call, social media, video chat, live chat, instant messages, mobile app, chatbot, web chat, or messenger apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, can be added easily at your pace with no downtime. Utilize the channel of communication that best fits with the situation, and switch channels easily and seamlessly. With Bright Pattern’s call center software, you can get all the functionality you need at a fraction of the cost.

Unified Agent Desktop

Our omnichannel contact center solution gives your organization the ability to seamlessly communicate with clients throughout their entire customer journey.

Omnichannel Quality Management

Ensure consistently excellent customer experiences and optimize call center performance with AI-powered OmniQM.

CRM Integration

Track the customer journey with your business on any channel. Integrations with all CRM providers or your own system of records.

Bright Pattern Cloud Integration Key Features

True Omnichannel

Bright Pattern’s call center software supports conversations with customer service agents across all channels, all-in-one, easy-to-use, unified Agent Desktop. Our true omnichannel capabilities ensure that your customers receive personalized customer service on any channel.

Cloud-Based SaaS

Based on the cloud, Bright Pattern’s call center software provides all of the powerful technology your contact center needs. With the cloud, deployment is fast while gaining access to robust features.

CRM Integration

We also integrate with major CRMs, including Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Oracle Service Cloud, ServiceNow, and Zendesk to put data at your agent’s fingertips and give comprehensive customer overviews to agents.

Comprehensive Data Security

Bright Pattern’s call center software is also HIPAA, PCI, TCPA, and GDPR compliant, utilizing comprehensive, advanced security features to protect all sensitive customer information.

Award Winning

Award-winning call center software with omnichannel capabilities and full CRM integrations. Bright Pattern provides seamless conversations across all channels with advanced features.


All of the perks, provided at an affordable, pay-per-use price.

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Comprehensive Quality Management on All Channels

Bright Pattern’s quality management system is natively embedded into our call center software, ensuring that there is no need to translate the data and information into a third-party platform and manage separate groups of users. This means that any type of call center, whether you’re focused on outbound campaigns, marketing campaigns, outgoing calls, customer engagement, or inbound solutions, Bright Pattern is the best call center software solutions to suit your business requirements and give you overviews of your contact center performance. Bright Pattern’s platform provides omnichannel support, meaning all interactions on all communication channels through the cloud solution can be monitored by OmniQM.

Increase uptime on all channels, decrease downtime, improve on all KPIs, improve abandonment rate, and increase customer engagement on all interactions, from outbound calls to incoming calls. Another feature that is possible with Bright Pattern’s robust call center solution is AI integration. With AI, supervisors can be alerted when an interaction becomes negative. If an interaction becomes unsatisfactory, AI can detect the call and perform call routing to a retention specialist. Then the interaction history and previous interactions are kept for specific agents, allowing supervisors to conduct retraining of the agent. Through AI and smart call routing, improve customer satisfaction amount inbound callers looking for customer support and outgoing calls. Implementing AI into your quality management system can boost customer satisfaction and streamline your call center.

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Review 100% of Interactions on All Channels

With Bright Pattern’s cloud contact center platform, you can automatically review 100% of all interactions across all channels in your call center for overviews of your call center performance. Bright Pattern can monitor all customer interactions no matter the call volume. Set the dashboard and user-friendly interface to metrics and statistics for your business requirements, and increase customer engagement and ROI.

Artificial Intelligence Integrations for QA

Using the latest in artificial intelligence from Google, IBM Watson, and others, Bright Pattern will perform actions such as keywords search, transcription, call analytics, storage of voice recording, storage of customer’s history and previous interactions, and sentiment and text analytics. Through comprehensive monitoring and analytics, AI can alert supervisors on what channels and interactions need improvement, and allow them to intervene at the right time. Get comprehensive overviews with high accuracy.

Monitor Any Use Case

Quality management in Bright Pattern is easy and comprehensive. Thousands of interactions across several channels makes it impossible for supervisors to monitor outbound calls and incoming calls among their different departments, like sales teams and customer support teams. In many cases, both large enterprises, startups, and small companies are only able to monitor less than 1% of all interactions their contact centers are conducting. Bright Pattern can review all of these interactions on all channels.

Powerful Integrations


Additional Bright Pattern Features

Call Center Software

“The ease of implementation for chat has enabled us to quickly build and turn chat on for our customer facing sites in less than a day.”

Derek G.

Director of Contact Center Operations

“It is an extremely robust, while easy to use software. It can handle massive telephony centers with ease while maintaining competitive telco charges.”


BPO Technology Lead

“Great product and a great team. The product has worked as designed and has been very reliable. The call quality has also been excellent. The scenario tool is very powerful. It is also well integrated into Zendesk.”

Sean Rivers

Director of Operations Technology

“We have switched over from Interactive Intelligence 3 years ago and have been really happy so far. We had 100% up-time and enjoy the cooperation with their software developers and management team.”

Othmar B.

VP Marketing

“I answer all my calls from clients on retail with softphone and I can work at home effectively too. It is a way for me to judge my productivity and see how many emails I am answering with the dashboard that is displayed. ”

Julie T.

Retail Support Representative

“The system was very easy to setup along with training and onboarding from the Bright Pattern team. We use Bright pattern for inbound transactions, such as incoming calls, emails and chat. The reporting tools are easy to use and propvide the SLA data required for our partners.”

Sal Y.

Head of Customer Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Bright Pattern’s cloud call center solution utilizes the power of our cloud and cloud technology to power your customer experience. All call center technology and office technology needed to build strong customer relationships and a seamless customer experience are accessible through cloud call center software. This means a cloud call center solution can allow your outbound call center or inbound call center to handle incoming calls and outbound calls, while being able to use other channels of communication, with more cost-effectiveness compared to legacy systems. Make the overall cloud contact center experience better for call center reps, callers, and supervisors.

A cloud call center solution and cloud contact center software can give your contact center access to powerful technology. This includes powerful IVRs, autodialer, predictive dialing capabilities, and communications on all channels like voice, SMS, social media, chatbot, text, mobile applications. Power a full customer experience with customizable features through just a browser.

Bright Pattern’s call center software is designed with flexibility in mind. Bright Pattern’s call center software has a lot of features and can be customized, support customer integrations, support integration with workforce management tools, and a customizable interface with open APIs. Deployment is also a breeze since Bright Pattern is based on the cloud instead of relying on premise hardware, giving you many deployment options while allowing you to support a remote workforce with unlimited agents and remote workers.

Every industry has different needs for their call center solution. Bright Pattern supports a wide variety of use cases, able to power things like outbound campaigns, marketing campaigns, incoming calls, outgoing calls. With the scenario builder, Bright Pattern’s software solution can utilize custom integrations to tailor the software to any size and any purpose, whether your contact center specializes in inbound customer service, outbound sales, or both. Our professional consultants can assist you in creating the most efficient, effective software solution to fit your needs. Or you can easily create and change your software solution yourself, giving your call center flexibility and increasing efficiency.

Whether your industry is in healthcare, high-tech, insurance, or any other industry, Bright Pattern’s dynamic Scenario Builder can be tailored by you or our professional consultants to best fit your needs.

Bright Pattern provides the tools for seamless outbound and inbound communication. Connect with callers on any communication channels in your call center for a great customer experience. Utilize channels like phone calls, video, SMS, text messaging, mobile app, mobile device, live chat, social media, and social channels to connect with callers and customers. Omnichannel interactions boost customer satisfaction, create a custom experience, and agent productivity, helping you exceed customer expectations. Empower your agents and realize great business results with better business tools and AI-powered cloud solutions in your call center software.

Bright Pattern is also easy-to-use. Bright Pattern is dedicated to making call center software easy-to-use, while being dynamic and powerful. Bright Pattern’s call center software solutions provides a powerful Unified Agent Desktop with customizable APIs so that the best agents can have an easy time navigating during a live call. Through the Unified Agent Desktop, agents can change the conversation between different channels to the channel of choice with the caller, like voice, phone system, email, text, SMS, social media, mobile app, chatbot, video chat, and more, without having to switch out of Bright Pattern’s platform. This makes the agent experience seamless. With CRM system integrations like Salesforce and MS Dynamics, customer’s history and call activity are at the agent’s finger tips, making it easy for agents to perform their functions.

Finally, Bright Pattern is easy-to-administrate. On the management side, Bright Pattern’s call center solution allows easy and flexible administration for supervisors leading a sales team, support team, customer support team, or customer experience team. Utilize tools like IVR, ACD, and predictive dialers to streamline the calling process and direct callers to the right agent. Bright Pattern supports integrations with major Workforce Management (WFM) tech, promoting workforce optimization for the best call center. Bright Pattern also features a natively embedded quality management system that monitors 100% of all interactions on all channels. With OmniQM technology, utilize call analytics and automation to display contact center information on the dashboard. Allow supervisors to utilize analytics and dashboard information from a user-friendly interface to ensure smooth contact center operations. Whether you manage enterprise companies or small businesses, Bright Pattern’s platform is the best call center software to be custom tailored for your industry.

Bright Pattern has built-in quality assurance to help supervisors track agent performance. Allow supervisors to track agent performance in their cloud contact center. Utilize easy-to-use dashboards with customizable features and automation to monitor all channels of communication. Bright Pattern’s platform has omnichannel support, meaning your supervisors can score interactions on all channels to ensure a great customer experience and increase customer engagement. Allow your supervisors to retrain agents and give accurate agent scorecards With the OmniQM agent management software, tailor the software to specific needs for your business, and ensure best practices are being followed.

Bright Pattern’s call center software is fully HIPAA compliant, PCI DSS 3.2 compliant, TCPA compliant, and GDPR compliant.

Bright Pattern’s cloud-based omnichannel call center software adheres to all HIPAA compliance regulations to ensure that call centers are providing a great customer experience while maintaining compliance to HIPAA laws.

Bright Pattern’s software adheres to all PCI standards in order to protect customer’s sensitive payment card information. Bright Pattern has received an independent third-party PCI DSS 3.2 compliance certification from CompliancePoint.

Bright Pattern is fully compliant with GDPR regulation and has many systems in place to support GDPR compliance. Any interaction is capable of being erased and sensitive data is capable of being restricted to users with special security administration privileges.

Bright Pattern is compliant with TCPA regulations. Bright Pattern has a separate server for dialing that removes automated dialing capabilities. We integrate with third-party services that check against Do Not Call lists in accordance with TCPA laws and FCC regulations.

Bright Pattern’s sophisticated IVR can be customized with specific workflows to match any use cases and queries that are requested of it. With legacy contact center technology, self-service can be slow and troublesome. The pain of your system can be felt by customers, leading to a negative customer experience for the caller.

With Bright Pattern’s customizable call center systems and IVR, callers can be led through effortless self-service, powered by natural language processing, AI, and machine learning. Utilize technology like AI and machine learning to send customers with queries through an effortless virtual call center with an auto-attendant. Bright Pattern’s IVR business systems and call center systems can also perform call routing with the auto-attendant when the caller wants to speak with a live agent. Leverage a combination of AI, machine learning, call routing with the phone system, and a powerful cloud contact center platform to beat the competitors in self-service. Get live prospects through the CX journey faster, reduce hold time, and leverage virtual call center software for an effortless customer experience with an auto-attendant.

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