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Call Center Software Bright Pattern is a native cloud solution with a completely new architecture designed specifically to help enterprise businesses meet the increasing demands of omnichannel customers. When Bright Pattern was founded, the solutions that existed at the time would not have been able to adapt to the requirements of omnichannel—there were many ways to address multichannel routing and communications, but not one solution that addressed them all. With this reality, Bright Pattern envisioned a new architecture of hosted call center software that could manage omnichannel needs efficiently and effectively, from a single platform. The implementation of this vision is Bright Pattern Cloud Call Center software.

With this new architecture, we had the luxury of going above and beyond the basic features of any enterprise-level Call Center software, and we focused on the following key directions: agent empowerment, safe transition to the cloud, business continuity, simple yet comprehensive omnichannel control, and cost-effective solutions for businesses.

Agent Empowerment

Higher levels of employee and agent engagement are known to improve the customer experience. To facilitate agent engagement and help your agents work more efficiently, Bright Pattern provides the most effective agent desktop in an all-in-one call center app, which offers the following features and more:

  • A defragmented interaction context that compiles customer information and interaction history from all/multiple sources and presents it in one place
  • A decluttered user interface that selects and displays the most relevant information based on context
  • Fast and effective customer conversations over any combination of communication channels, as on a smartphone 
  • Automated and human assistance for agents
  • Real-time feedback to agents on their performance via customer survey ratings

Safe Transition to the Cloud

Moving to the cloud provides a way to both avoid capital investment in volatile technology and focus on your core competencies. Most importantly, however, cloud technology enables us to provide rapid innovation delivery—we deliver periodic upgrades and maintain integrations with other cloud systems.

Bright Pattern Call Center Solution is a natively high-density and multi-tenant hosted call center software, which means that there is no such thing as neglected accounts—with our call center app, every tenant is on the same version and the latest patch level.

In addition, we offer the insurance of an on-premises option using exactly the same cloud software for call centers, ensuring an additional level of control. Moreover, switching to an onsite option or back to the cloud is as easy as downloading the export file of your account and uploading it into another system.

Business Continuity

Availability of service is ensured by our unique fault-tolerant architecture in which the components are aware of all others and will reroute requests around the components that either failed or were taken out of service. Dual data centers placed apart geographically are part of a larger disaster recovery plan.

Non-disruptive updates are made possible by fault-tolerant architecture—although we schedule time for maintenance, our systems continue to operate throughout it. This means no downtime for your call centers or customers.

Existing Telco Relationships Are Welcome

Bringing your own telco helps maintain existing negotiated traffic contracts, and we welcome that. For those in need of new telco, however, we offer a competitive broadband carrier mix with international presence. Ask us how we can support your needs.

Omnichannel Made Simple

In addition to our easy-to-use agent communication tools, we make omnichannel simple with a plethora of innovative features that add higher levels of control over communications routing, reported data, and automation of services. Bright Pattern Web-based Call Center software offers complete control over omnichannel pre-processing and distribution of interactions, blending them on the agent desktop and providing real-time performance insights while maintaining service levels across all channels.

Cut Costs, Not Features

Having one system for all channels saves money. An add-on channel processing system costs extra for licenses and often requires integration with all the applications of the original call center platform. We can help you save money using our single system for all channels.

Bright Pattern Call Center Software

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