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How Does Bright Pattern’s TCO Compare to Other Vendors?

What does a typical Bright Pattern TCO look like versus the “other guys”?  Although license costs can be similar, over a 3 year period other companies can be 2-3 times more. Here is one example for a 50 seat contact center (note: TCO differentials are similar for smaller and larger seat sizes)

TCO Component Bright Pattern "The Other Guys"
Annual Recurring License Costs $60,000 $70,000
Initial Set-Up Cost/Time $6,000 (3 weeks) $25,000-100,000 (multiple months)
Year 1, 2, 3 Configuration changes $0 (can be done by business users without professional services) $10,000 per year
Total Cost of Ownership $66,000 $125,000-200,000
TCO vs. Bright Pattern 1.9X - 3X
Agent Empowerment

“Due to the simplicity of the platform, Bright Pattern offers low license costs and professional services at a fraction of the cost of other cloud-based vendors.”

- Frost & Sullivan

TCO Definition

Total cost of ownership refers to annual license costs plus the cost of set up and annual costs from IT resources to make changes to the system, typically over a 3 year period.  In comparing vendors, the license costs may be the same but the time and cost to set up the initial system and then make annual adjustments to the system can result in a vendor being multiple times more expensive over the three year period.   Because of Bright Pattern’s simplicity of deployment and ease of use to administer, Bright Pattern can be put in place faster and at lower cost than other leading contact center vendors.

TCO Typically Includes

  • Annual license costs
  • Year 1 professional services/IT staff time and cost to deploy, configure and integrate the system with other systems for initial use
  • Year 1, 2, 3 ongoing costs throughout the year to make changes to the system such as changing agent skill-sets, changing IVR tree logic, adding new agents, adding new channels,etc

Why Does Bright Pattern Have the Lowest TCO?

Bright Pattern is one of the most advanced cloud-based contact center solutions on the market. Due to its cloud architecture and ease-of-use, Bright Pattern is a great choice for contact centers that want to save money while still delivering exceptional customer service across all voice and digital channels. Bright Pattern has a wide array of advanced call center features, including natively-built omnichannel capabilities, emerging digital channels like messengers, inbound and outbound capabilities, advanced AI integrations, omnichannel quality management, and more. Improve customer satisfaction and CX while driving sales with Bright Pattern’s call center software. 

Bright Pattern maintains a lower TCO than other call center software vendors due to the platforms cloud-based architecture, ease-of-use, high speed of implementation, and fast ROI. Bright Pattern’s platform can be implemented and set-up at half the time of the industry average based on G2 Crowd and per industry analysts such as Frost and Sullivan and Ovum/Omdia.  Bright Pattern is fully cloud-based and easy to deploy and administer, meaning your call center doesn’t need costly professional services or a dedicated IT support team.  And new features are always available automatically.

Highest ROI

Bright Patttern cloud contact center software has been rated by customer reviews as having the highest ROI in the industry with the fastest time to payback.

Estimated ROI (Months)

Bright Pattern
7.5 Months
CCaaS Average
17.48 Months
14.35 Months
NICE InContact
15.69 Months
Genesys PureCloud
20.68 Months

Fast Set-Up Time

Add new digital channels to your omnichannel experience easily with cloud-based omnichannel capabilities and upgrade your customer service strategy. 

Industry analyst Ovum/Omdia ranks Bright Pattern #1 for Multichannel Innovation, ahead of every other vendor.

Time to Go Live

Bright Pattern
1.4 Months
CCaaS Average
2.77 Months
1.01 Months
NICE InContact
2.59 Months
Genesys PureCloud
3.75 Months

Add New Channels Easily 

Add new digital channels to your omnichannel experience easily with cloud-based omnichannel capabilities and upgrade your customer service strategy.

Easy to Manage

Business users can easily make changes to the system when needed without the time and expense of professional services or dedicated IT team.

No Downtime 

Based on the cloud and powered by an Active-Active architecture, Bright Pattern’s contact center solution experiences zero downtime. Industry analyst Ovum/Omdia ranks Bright Pattern #1 for Reliability and Scalability.

Easiest to Use 

Bright Pattern’s agent desktop is easy-to-use and training agents to use the platform is fast and simple. Bright Pattern has had customers like the State of Maryland up and running with agents is a single day.

Easily Deployed with Your Applications

Bright Pattern has simple out-of-the-box integrations for all leading CRMs or collaboration applications like Microsoft Teams.  This means you can quickly deploy without needing to spend time and money to integrate Bright Pattern with the systems you have in place today.

Easily Customized to Your Needs

Bright Pattern’s platform is easily customizable to match specific use cases without needing to consult professional IT staff or support. 

Boost Agent Performance 

Boost contact center agents and contact center managers performance with advanced features like Unified Agent Desktop and different channels of communication.


"We have not had a single outage in more than 6 years … if a platform goes down for even 20 minutes that’s probably a loss of a hundred thousand dollars in lost business.”

CEO for luxury BPO, Vipdesk

“Bright Pattern simply flipped a switch, and our ServiceNow, Microsoft Dynamics, and Microsoft Teams integrations worked perfectly.”

Senior Director of CX - YMCA of the North (world’s largest YMCA with 3800 employees)

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