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Best Call Center Software 

The best call center software is a critical part of any business’s customer experience strategy. Businesses need the best call center solution for their call centers and contact center to facilitate seamless, personalized customer interactions. 

Call centers have always played an integral role in a business’s CX operations, being the first touchpoint as part of a customer journey. Call centers have come a long way, going from centers with basic call functionality only to fully-fledged digital interaction centers. Call centers now need to support digital channels like text messaging, SMS, messenger apps, web chat, mobile apps, social media, and more. 

Having advanced call center software is a necessity for modern customer service. Many people now communicate mainly on digital, mobile channels that extend beyond voice and email. To ensure that your business reaches a wider audience and makes it easier for customers to connect, you need a call center solution that is advanced and flexible that can help your call center agents deliver great customer service in the most efficient manner to your clients. 

The best call center software needs key features such as: 

  • Omnichannel Communication
  • Omnichannel Quality Management
  • Comprehensive CRM Integrations
  • Efficient Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Advanced Conversational IVR
  • Plug-and-Play APIs for Third-Party App Integrations
  • Efficient Auto Dialing Modes, including Predictive Dialing, Power Dialing, and Preview Dialing
  • AI Integrations and Automation

With these features, you can ensure that you are maximizing efficiency in your customer contact center while improving conversion rates, improving ROI, and boosting CSAT. 

One of the best features to have for your call center software is omnichannel communications. As opposed to a multichannel contact center solution, omnichannel contact center software is able to seamlessly connect with agents on any communication channel and switch between channels effortlessly. Bright Pattern, for example, allows your agents to switch seamlessly between any channel, including channels like: 

  • Voice 
  • Email
  • Web Chat
  • Text Messaging
  • SMS
  • Video Chat 
  • Chat Bot 
  • Messenger Apps 
  • Social Media
  • …and more!

Having a true omnichannel platform is critical to providing meaningful connections to your customers. It can help your business deliver…

  • Flexibility in the CX journey.
  • Personalization of any customer interaction
  • A wider reach to a bigger audience 
  • Seamless channel switching 
  • A smooth agent experience 
  • Frictionless customer journeys from start to finish 
  • A boost in CSAT and NPS 
  • Better supervision and quality management capabilities

Another key feature that the best call center software needs to have is comprehensive omnichannel quality management. Quality management is one of the most important functions within a call center, as it can help identify critical areas of improvement, lead to better agent training, and ensure high customer satisfaction. It can also help prevent negative interactions from being justify in the dark, allowing you to get a better view of your business performance. 

Compared to traditional quality management, omnichannel quality management allows your supervisors and agents to monitor 100% of interactions on all channels easily. This eliminates the tediousness and difficulty of managing quality on the numerous different communication channels. On the Bright Pattern platform, for example, omnichannel quality management is built-in due to its true omnichannel platform. 

With Bright Pattern’s platform, data and analytics from all channels are pooled into a supervisor dashboard, which can be used for a birds-eye view of every channel and the performance on these channels. Having an omnichannel quality management platform is a great tool for your business, because: 

  • Quality management data can be used by supervisors and administrators to identify key areas of improvement
  • Data can be used to formulate strategies to deliver better customer service 
  • In-depth information can be obtained for each and every interaction on all channels 
  • Comprehensive feedback can be given to agents for retraining and performance improvement

Aside from omnichannel-driven features, the best call center software needs comprehensive integrations with third-party applications. One of the most important integrations that the best contact center solution needs to have is a comprehensive CRM integration. 

A customer record management system serves as an important library for a business, as it can contain thousands, millions, even billions of important records. These customer records can be utilized to personalize the customer experience, improve interaction resolution time, improve the agent experience, and conduct comprehensive quality management. 

Because of how essential a CRM is to customer service, your business needs a call center software that can effectively integrate with any CRM, whether it is a third-party CRM or a natively-built CRM system. 

Bright Pattern’s contact center software, for example, is able to integrate with any CRM ,whether it is a third-party CRM or an in-house built record management system. Bright Pattern can integrate with vendors like: 

  • Salesforce 
  • ServiceNow
  • Zendesk
  • Hubspot
  • Zoho
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365

Bright Pattern can be nested within the CRM, and Bright Pattern can host the CRM on the agent desktop. Bright Pattern’s contact center solution allows for screen-pops, which means that customer information can be popped up on the screen when an interaction comes in. This gives your agents customer information at their fingertips. Delivering customer information at their fingertips helps them resolve customer issues faster and personalize the experience, boosting CSAT and key performance indicators (KPIs) for your business. 

Another integration that can provide a nice boost to the ROI and CSAT scores for your business is AI integrations. AI is a powerful tool that can be used for many applications in the contact center world. These applications include: 

  • Conversational IVRs that accept customer speech 
  • Self-service options 
  • Automation of routine tasks like password reset 
  • Real-time sentiment analytics during an interaction 
  • Analytics of entire interaction afterwards for quality management data 
  • Agent assistance during interactions through suggested responses 
  • Real-time intervention during a negative interaction

Bright Pattern integrates with several top AI vendors, including IBM Watson, Microsoft AI, and Google AI. 

Finally, the best call center software doesn’t just perfect what is currently available, but can also anticipate what will come in the future. Future-proofing is a major bonus for the top contact center solutions. With the development of more mobile channels, mobility will be a top priority for the CX industry in the near future. 

Bright Pattern has developed Omni-Enterprise CXTM to help adapt to the future of CX. Omni-Enterprise CXTM is driven by the Bright Pattern Mobile App. The Bright Pattern Mobile App is an application for iPhone and Android that puts Bright Pattern’s contact center software into personal smartphone devices. 

This means anyone in your company can be on the Bright Pattern platform and participate in the customer experience. People in your company such as: 

  • Retail store employees
  • On-field workers 
  • Call center agents 
  • Delivery workers 
  • Warehouse employees
  • …and more!

These employees can use the mobile app to communicate with customers over voice and text messaging through the Bright Pattern Mobile App. All activity history and notes taken during these interactions are recorded into either Bright Pattern’s built-in CRM or the integrated third-party CRM. Data regarding the performance of these interactions are also stored, allowing supervisors to easily monitor interactions on Bright Pattern Mobile App 

With the future of CX entering a more mobile age, Omni-Enterprise CXTM helps future-proof your contact center and deliver an advanced, yet personalized customer experience. 


What is Contact Center?

What is a contact center? Contact centers are basically the central point of contact that manages every communication between a business as well as its clients. It’s akin to a mission control for interactions with customers.

What is CCaaS?

What is CCaas? CCaas  Contact Center as A Service is a cloud-based system that enables businesses to have all the capabilities and features of traditional call centers without physical installation requirements or software installation fees.

Here is an overview of all of CCaas’ features:

Cloud-Based CapaaS (CCaaS) is a cloud service which eliminates the need for physical servers and IT systems in an office, making it much simpler to establish, maintain, and expand operations over time.
Multi-Channel Communications: CCaas allows businesses to manage multiple communications channels at the same time – phone calls, emails, text messaging (SMS/webchat/social media posts) etc – from one centralized platform.
Scalability: Scaling Cloud Communications as a Service can be adjusted based on your business needs, making it ideal for organizations with fluctuating customer service needs. This feature makes CCaaS particularly suitable for organizations that experience fluctuations in customer service levels.
Reduced Costs: Cloud computing as a service (CCaas) enables companies to reduce costs by eliminating upfront software and hardware expenses; additionally, subscription-based pricing makes CCaas even more cost-effective for them.
CCaas can provide companies of all sizes an economical and flexible option to better manage customer interactions and ensure greater customer satisfaction.



What Is Microsoft Call Center Integration? 

Implementing this Microsoft Teams call center integration platform will provide a fluid, seamless, and transformative experience for your entire organization; agents and customers included. 

With Bright Pattern, take advantage of the omnichannel contact center solution to create a full-fledged integrated call center with Microsoft Teams.

Now, powered with the world class integration of Microsoft Teams and Bright Pattern, subject matter experts, SME’s, throughout the organization and those outside of the contact center can instantly participate in the customer journey along with contact center agents to dramatically improve CX

What is truly possible with this integration?

What can be achieved in the realm of CX?

Well, instantly create a dynamic and seamless connected contact center that can take full advantage of and maximize the entire Microsoft Teams solution, the vast SME knowledge-base, and all omnichannel customer conversations across any channel (at any time)!

Bright Pattern and Microsoft Teams is the ultimate solution for integration in the world of contact center software



How Does Microsoft Teams Call Center Interaction Work?

Now, with Microsoft Teams integration, as a business, you have the ability to support various customer interaction work streams and workflows by acting as a single point of contact for internal and external customer connections across its various channels of communication: call, chat, virtual video meeting. 

Well, how does this type of interaction work among team members?

In a basic sense, it performs as a single, central location for team members to interact and communicate across multiple channels. 

Are there more exclusive capabilities after integration with Microsoft Teams?

For enterprise level organizations that demand the advanced contact center software solutions to support the agents and customer experience, there are additional features for contact center integrations with Microsoft Teams which provides contact center as a service, or CCaaS solutions, solution providers to integrate their own unique software solutions into Microsoft Teams.

Certified Solutions For The Microsoft Teams Certification Program

The Microsoft Teams Certification Program is the officially recognized certification effort that was created by Microsoft to identify top-quality solutions that are official integration partners with Microsoft Teams

However, you may ask, how does a solutions software become partnered with Microsoft Teams?

You must pass a specific series of tests.

By becoming officially recognized by Microsoft, the Microsoft Teams Certification Program ensures the utmost quality, seamless workflow, and vast connection between end users with integrations for Microsoft Teams

Through a series of tests and a lengthy certification process, Microsoft provides agents with productivity tools and software solutions that are desperately needed to effortlessly connect subject matter experts with their customers to find solutions properly and in a timely manner.

All while promising positive results through customer engagement and agent engagement.

Over the past several years, the worldwide workforce has witnessed a dramatic shift in how business is handled. 

Because of the COVID-19 global pandemic, nearly all businesses and organizations, small and large, made a complete 180° transition to fully-remote operations; compared to former on-premise locations. 

Now, with the explosion of Microsoft Teams implementation, it has completely revolutionized how people communicate in real-time across a business. 

You may ask…

How does the integration of Microsoft Teams assist contact center software agents and their customers?

With the help of Microsoft Teams, agents and customers will solve problems significantly faster and more efficiently thus greatly improving CX and the overall customer journey

What Is Direct Routing For Microsoft Teams?

There are plenty of advanced key features that are at your disposal once you implement Microsoft Teams.

With Teams direct routing, it balances the voice capabilities of Microsoft Teams so agents or a teams user can make or receive calls within Teams. 

Now, with the Bright Pattern platform alongside Microsoft Teams integration, agents and customers who are communicating across multiple channels, both standard and digital, can ensure their interactions are seamless, controlled, and easily followed. 

Once Bright Pattern contact center software is implemented, it can provide contact centers with true skill based routing systems which can seamlessly route inbound calls to a knowledgeable and available agent depending on the goals of the customer. 

Plus, with Bright Pattern integration, it can effectively provide the best call center software service to ensure customer satisfaction and a positive customer journey

How Does Microsoft Teams Calling Work?

Microsoft Teams calling is extremely easy to use for any team member.

So, how do you make a phone call using Teams?

  • Select Video Call or Audio Call
  • Turning A Chat Into A Call
  • Deliver A Call Based On Call History, Contacts, or Voicemail
  • Use The Dial Pad
  • Hover Over A Profile Picture
  • Use The Command Box

What Are The Benefits of Microsoft Teams Calling?

  • A Single Unified Communications Platform
  • Extremely Low Operations Cost
  • Easy Communication For All Team Members
  • Answer Calls On Various Devices
  • Top-Level Security
  • Team Members Experience Improved Workflow
  • Work In Nearly Any Location 24/7

How Does Microsoft Teams Integration With The Bright Pattern Platform Work?

With Microsoft Teams integration, it can ensure contact center users can access Microsoft Teams communication channels information for calls, chats, and video conferences with other Microsoft Teams users, while simultaneously working hand-in-hand with the Bright Pattern contact center agent desktop application.

Essentially, Teams integration enables contact center users to access Teams communication channels information for calls and chats with other Teams users, while simultaneously working in Bright Pattern’s contact center agent desktop application. 

What Price Does Microsoft Charge For Using Teams?

Microsoft Teams is available for anyone and is provided in the Microsoft Office 365 subscription plan. 

  • Premium Plan: Teams Essentials starts at $4.00/per user/month.

What Is The Difference Between Zoom and Microsoft Teams?

Depending on your goals and priorities as a business, there are two clear paths you can take.

Zoom has a primary focus on live video conferencing calls. 

(Often these are used for doctor’s appointments).

Microsoft Teams is a full-fledged, all-in-one software tool that incorporates seamless team chatting and messaging for high-quality communication, dynamic productivity tools and features, and supports video conferencing calls. 

(Implemented in business at small/medium level to enterprise-grade level)





What Does An Auto Dialer Do?

The Bright Pattern all-in-one auto dialer option makes outbound calls to phone numbers in a fast and seamless way to significantly increase calls per hour and outbound productivity

Essentially, in the call center software industry:

More Calls.

More Money.

However, there are much more than just monetary gains from using auto dialer software.

With Bright Pattern, you will dramatically improve the overall customer journey, personalized customer experience, live agent satisfaction and efficiency, drastically reduce time spent on manual dialing or cold calling, and most importantly of all, connect as many agents and customers together as possible to optimize sales.

Using this formula with the true capability of the auto dialer, you will be able to create genuine connections and relationships with your customers and ensure a positive CX

Plus, maximize overall workflow, revenue, and customer satisfaction using the world-class functionality of an auto dialer option


Who Uses Auto Dialer Software?

There are countless companies and organizations that implement auto dialer software.

Companies use this dialer software in order to improve CX.

By building a hard-working sales staff, this team will use a contact list to reach out to as many prospective customers as possible to try to make a sale.

With an auto dialer system, outbound call centers can significantly decrease wait times, make simultaneous calls, and ensure full focus on talk time with prospective customers.

Bright Pattern dialer options ensure agents making the calls avoid traps such as cold calling or dropped calls. With the auto dialer software option, it provides agents with the capability to make calls in a timely manner. 

Bright Pattern promises a wide range of advanced auto dialer features and modes. 


How Many Types of Auto Dialer Are There?

There are 4 types of auto dialers.

  • Progressive
  • Predictive
  • Preview
  • Manually-Initiated Call (By Agent)

What do these different types of auto dialers actually do?

  1. Progressive Dialer: It will automatically place another call once the previous call is finished.
  2. Predictive Dialer: It can dial multiple numbers at once using a special algorithm to determine when an agent will finish a call, while simultaneously connecting the agent to the next call in the calling queue
  3. Preview Dialer: It provides agents the option to place a call immediately or to take several moments to review information about the potential customer before making the call. 
  4. Manual Call (Initiated By Agent): It is a call that was manually dialed by an agent.

What Are The Benefits of An Auto Dialer?

By far the most evident benefit of the automated dialer is that it significantly reduces the actual time for call center agents to manually dial in a potential customer phone number from an extensively long caller list.

Now that phone numbers are being dialed automatically, with the help of the auto dialer, agent productivity can be optimized as agents can shift their focus onto tricky customer issues or major calling campaigns

With Bright Pattern, automatically dialing becomes a fast, efficient, and seamless process which ensures a perfect CX.

Once this auto dialer software is implemented, it can vastly reduce overall wait time, stress, and operational costs while dramatically optimizing agent productivity

With Bright Pattern auto dialer software, service customers, boost agent performance, and optimize CX; all at the same time.


How Does A Contact Center Use Auto Dialers?

With a cloud contact center solution, it will provide a business the ability to track, review, and store all of their customer activity over various channels; both standard and digital.

These channels exist to ensure customers that can experience customer support and satisfaction depending on the channel of their preference (text, messenger, call, SMS, email). 

Once the implementation of a cloud contact center alongside a powerful auto dialer software, small businesses and larger enterprise-level organizations will transform their entire CX.

Incorporating these types of dialers will significantly change the way your business goes about making and receiving calls. It will transform outbound sales and outbound campaigns by sending out countless calls in an extremely short amount of time. 

With this type of software, it will take the contact list of a live agent and automatically call hundreds of phone numbers. 

The more calls being sent out, the better the sales team will perform and the better chance at earning more revenue.


Are Auto Dialers Illegal?


Auto dialers are NOT illegal!

However, they must follow certain rules and regulations that are administered by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, or TCPA, in order to function. 

If these mandates are NOT followed, it COULD result in legal action. 

In fact, the TCPA is a document written in 1991 that established customer telephone marketing and telemarketing practices for industry leaders.

The FCC has full authority and oversight of these legal acts and regulations. 


What Is A VoIP?

VoIP dialers are a type of dialer software that allows you to make voice calls using an Internet connection, instead of a generic telephone line; thus increasing productivity and connectivity rates. 

VoIP stands for: Voice Over Internet Protocol

With a VoIP dialer, you can make outbound voice calls in an instant while implementing various types of auto dialers such as: power, preview, progressive, etc. 


How Do I Choose A Dialer?

Good question!

Depending on the needs of your business, along with its size and call volume, you can make that decision based on your options.

For those working in small businesses, it definitely isn’t necessary to implement all the bells and whistles of what a larger call center would need.

As a business, if you are dealing with a very high-volume of calls, then incorporating a power dialer or predictive dialer would be recommended.

However, if your business only sees a small-volume of calls, a preview dialer should do just fine. 




How Does A Progressive Dialer Work?

How does a progressive dialer work?

The progressive dialer works as a middleman between manual dialing and predictive dialing.

It’s a software tool that is implemented by call center agents to maximize overall call quality and call performance

The call center industry continues to expand through growth and innovation and as that continues to happen, there is a greater demand for technologies such as the progressive dialer to transform agent productivity, customer experience, and agent/customer relationships. 


What Is A Progressive Dialer?

What is a progressive dialer

Essentially, implementing this software automates the entire process of making an outbound call so the live agent won’t have to manually dial every phone number from a contact list

How does a progressive dialer affect a call center

Progressive dialers are incredibly popular among outbound and inbound call centers as they are recognized as an auto dialer system

Implementing this type of dialer saves a tremendous amount of time, energy, man-power, and money so it can provide call center agents more time to spend doing more important tasks. 

What Are The Benefits of Progressive Dialer Software? 

What are the best benefits of progressive dialer software

Live agents will save an incredible amount of time on exhausting manual dialing and failed or dropped calls attempts. 

A progressive dialer will automatically dial numbers and filter out busy signals, answering machines, or other numbers that are difficult to reach by a human. 

Plus, a critical benefit of the progressive dialer is the ability for constant agent availability as there will always be at least one, or possibly several, agents to answer a call once it has been connected. 

Implementing this type of dialer provides a direct way to connect agents instantly and efficiently while reducing wait times

How do these benefits affect a call center?

As a call center, you can experience: 

MORE connected calls.

MORE connected customers.

MORE questions answered.

And, most importantly,

MORE Money. 

In terms of dropped calls, a progressive dialer promises a significant reduction in call abandonment rates and fewer hangups.

The software has the capability to optimize call connection ratio and overall agent talk time

Which leads to: 

  • Greater Product Awareness
  • Greater Customer Satisfaction
  • Greater Revenue Opportunities 
  • Greater Agent Efficiency

All of these major factors are correlated with the implementation of a progressive dialer

Do Call Centers Use Progressive Dialers?

Do call centers use progressive dialers and popular dialer software?


In fact, a progressive dialer is still identified as an auto dialer since it removes the need for a live agent to dial by hand, or using a voip,  while simultaneously taking agent availability into play. 

However, there may not be the same call volume as its auto dialer brother, the predictive dialer, but, it will still tremendously reduce call abandonment rate as contact center agents are now available to take the call. 

Streamlining workflow and promising customers that an agent is available, always.


What Size Companies Should Use A Progressive Dialer? 

What size companies should use a progressive dialer?

It is recommended that smaller to mid-sized companies implement this type of dialer software since it acts as the middle ground between an auto dialer and manually dialing numbers by hand. 

It is NOT recommended for companies that receive extremely high-volume of calls. 

With this software, a call is always connected to a live agent in real-time so they can create real, lasting impressions on their customers. 

What Are The Differences Between Predictive Dialers and Progressive Dialers?

There are several main differences between predictive dialers and progressive dialers

A progressive dialing system will wait for a live agent to finish their current call before automatically dialing the next number

(It will dial only 1 number per each available agent.)

A progressive dialer has a built-in, real-time answering machine detection and the capability to screen out busy signals so a call center agent is only ever connected to a call when a customer is too

A stark difference between the two types of dialer software is the increased agent wait time compared to implementing a predictive dialer (it uses an algorithm to reduce time between calls). 

What is the dialing rate of the predictive dialer and progressive dialer

The dialing rate of a progressive dialer is lower, unlike predictive dialers, which explains that enterprise-level organizations making a tremendous amount of calls daily should probably not use it.

If you are running a call center, you must make a decision on how your team will approach the amount of calls you will receive on a daily basis. 

Understanding dialing modes is critical as a dialer ensures the call process is maximized for agents, industry solutions specialists, and customers too

It is incredibly important to choose the RIGHT dialer for YOUR needs. 


How Does A Progressive Dialer Affect Agent Performance?

Does a progressive dialer affect agent performance?


In a positive or negative way?

Of course, positive!

Implementing call center software helps significantly reduce drop rate, ensures automated outbound calling, and dramatically transforms a basic phone system into a full-fledged cloud-based juggernaut with a sole purpose of automating processes and telemarketing

Perks like this transform a call center into a seamless and positive environment for agents.

Agents can create long-lasting relationships with customers by creating a greater customer experience, meet company-wide metrics, create a higher call conversion rate, and optimize performance management work processes. 

While using this type of dialer software, when a live agent indicates the call has been completed, it will automatically dial the next person in line. 

Translating to: more calls being made, more conversions being met, and more potential revenue. 

  • Solve Issues 
  • Answer Difficult Questions
  • Push A Product or Service
  • Create Higher Potentials For Revenue
  • Create A Positive CX 
  • Exceed The Demands of The Customer Base

A progressive dialer is essential for a call center to perform and will transform any business into a better business by reshaping and delivering the best possible CX. Creating happier agents and more receptive customers simultaneously




Exploring The World of The Power Dialer

The world of the power dialer is a world where seamless technology meets call centers

A power dialer acts as a gateway.

It acts as a gateway to: improved agent productivity, the elimination of minor tasks, and a major shift in sales.


How Does A Power Dialer Work?

How does a power dialer work?

A power dialer is a call center software tool that is used by a live agent to add phone numbers to a calling list in very quick succession and proceed to dial them in order.

If the call can’t be connected, it will move over to the next call in line in an instant without any work from the agent. 

Why is a power dialer important to call centers?

It helps eliminate many rudimentary and banal tasks like manual dialing, time spent looking for contact information, or copy-pasting a customer’s phone number

This type of dialer software can be used for a variety of purposes.

It can be used to maximize workflow and agent productivity, generate wider-spread marketing campaigns, and improve the customer experience

Essentially, with a power dialer, it will:

Cut Out Time:

  • Spent Manual Dialing
  • Pulling Up Customer Information
  • Trying To Reach The Next Caller In Line

Now, call center agents spend MORE time creating personalized relationships with customers and significantly LESS time on monotonous tasks. 


What Are The Benefits of A Power Dialer?

What are the benefits of implementing a power dialer into a contact center

With a power dialer, it gives you the capability to make more calls in the least amount of time without removing complete control over a calling queue.

Can this type of dialer positively affect both agents and customers?

Actually, a power dialer automatically maximizes the effectiveness of sales representatives making calls to customers, ensuring smooth and seamless conversations. 

With this call center software tool, it provides agents an opportunity to focus on generating new leads, hitting new metrics, maximizing salesforce, and creating a seamless environment for workflow

Incorporating this software provides agents with the ability of automation

Now, agents can start calling and make hundreds of outbound calls to countless customers. All while saving time and energy spent on researching customer information or manually dialing

All available agents are consistently speaking to new customers, spreading product awareness, and working seamlessly without disrupting the call flow of other agents. 


What Are The Differences Between A Power Dialer and Predictive Dialer?

What are the differences between a power dialer and predictive dialer?

Often, call center software tools have some differences.

These two are no different.

A power dialer is used to automatically call lists seamlessly in rapid succession. But, if the number can’t be connected, it will move instantly to the very next number in the contact list

However, a predictive dialer uses a mathematical algorithm that has the ability to predict the ratio of customers who will possibly answer the phone and makes calls to connect as many agents as possible with a live call based on call rates

These two dialing modes are crucial to a contact center as both rely on automation to make more calls and reach new customers. 

These types of dialers can be used for mass calling campaigns for products, services, or even political endeavors. 


How Is CRM Important?

How is CRM important?

CRM, or customer relationship management, is a key part in call center software as it provides businesses the ability to save, track, and review the entire customer journey from beginning to end

With this information at their fingertips, a sales agent has access to a complete personal record of every customer interaction, both positive and negative.

By having access to this information, it correlates to greater agent performance and customer experience. 

When a customer calls into a contact center, or an inbound call, an agent will have access to a full record of their information and interactions from previous calls, like call logs

For a contact center and every live agent, CRM integration is incredibly important

Agents now have access to:

  • Phone Numbers
  • Former Interaction History
  • Call Recordings
  • Sentiment History (Positive / Negative)

Implementing this software for sales teams is critical for successful CX. 

CRM software provides a genuine customized report to store and monitor customer’s personal information across ANY type of channel.

Using these resources, agents can help a customer no matter WHERE they are on their journey.

CRM is used in various industries:

  • Medical & Health Insurance
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Finances & Banking
  • Internet Security

How Does A Call Center Use A Power Dialer?

A power dialer provides agents the ability to have as many live connections as possible

It gives agents the power (no pun intended) to focus on new calls in the call queue and think less about how the previous call occurred; whether positive or negative

With this type of dialer, it will push agents onto the next caller and guarantee emerging connections are made with new customers. 

Instead of stressing out over a bad call or interaction, call center agents can always focus on the very next call. They can focus on pushing product awareness, how to compare plans, or research customer information. 


Why Do Sales Teams Use Power Dialer Software? 

These sales teams, whether they be in-person or a remote team, use dialer software to eliminate time-consuming tasks like manual dialing, time spent researching customer contact info, or even looking at a caller’s list. 

What is the estimated amount of times a call center agent could make a call with this dialer?


A team of agents can make countless amounts of calls to future customers using power dialer software

Bright Pattern is one of the figurehead companies pushing this dialing software to help a diverse group of businesses all over the world. 

Automation through implementation is the first benefit of incorporating this software into your business. 

Create greater and more personalized connections in real-time with this software. 

Transform customer outreach with a new and optimized CX




Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialers are a necessity for your call center if your call center depends on outbound dialing and outbound marketing campaigns to reach customers and clients. Having advanced predictive dialers with different dialing modes as well as compliance with local and federal government guidelines is an amazing tool at your call center’s disposal to reach a wide audience over different channels. 

The different auto dialing modes your call center software should support are:

  • Power Dialing: Automated telephone technology that dials a phone number right after the completion of a call. These phone numbers are dialed off a list.
  • Preview Dialing: Present information of the contact, including activity history, addresses, information, and more, to an agent before dialing. Agent reviews the customer record to determine whether to call or skip to the next contact.
  • Progressive Dialing: System automatically dials one contact for every agent that is available. An analysis is done of the phone number before the call is placed.
  • Predictive Dialing: An algorithm is used by the outbound dialer to make predictions of agent availability and place calls based on this algorithm. The algorithm is calculated using inputs like average handle time (AHT), after-call time, idle time, and more.

Having a call center software that supports these different dialing modes is critical to any outbound sales campaign that your organization wants to run. Having a dynamic contact center software with so much flexibility can boost the performance and productivity of your business, helping you build stronger customer relationships and reach a wider audience.

Some benefits of utilizing different dialing modes include 

  • Lower call abandonment rates
  • Improved agent availability
  • Lower agent idle time
  • Skipping of dropped or disconnected telephone numbers
  • Improved ROI 
  • Flexibility in outbound calling strategies 
  • Increase sales
  • Powerful scalability 
  • Empowerment of agents

Having the choice of dialing mode provides great flexibility for any use case that your business needs to deliver for your outbound calling campaigns. Whether it’s appointment reminders, customer outreach, marketing automation, debt collection, fundraising, market research, or more, being able to choose the dialing mode is a critical feature for an outbound call center. 

Bright Pattern’s contact center software provides all the different auto dialer modes your call center needs to customize the outbound calling campaigns. Bright Pattern utilizes powerful algorithms and customizable workflows to help you tailor the dialing capabilities to suit your specific use cases. 

Because Bright Pattern is also a digital-first call center solution, Bright Pattern is able to automate outbound notifications and outbound deliveries of text messages and SMS to contact lists. This is especially useful for businesses that need to notify customers and users about situations like service interruption, status updates, and issue highlights. 

Adding SMS to your outbound dialing increases the flexibility as well as the reach of your outbound campaigns. With the addition of the ability to offer local detection and multimedia messaging services, your customers can effortlessly share data, images, and more with sales reps and support teams. 

Every outbound dialer needs to follow the law. This means following the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991, or TCPA. As the primary law that governs telephone solicitations, TCPA sets guidelines for how outbound dialers can operate. This includes: 

  • Utilization of Do Not Call (DNC) Lists 
  • Calling Time Restrictions 
  • Prevention of Robocalls 
  • National Do Not Call Registry
  • Restriction of Charged Calls that are Autodialed

Bright Pattern is fully TCPA compliant, allowing your call center to easily integrate Do Not Call lists and allowing your call center to set up rules that adhere to regulations. Bright Pattern also has PCI, GDPR, and SOC 2 compliance. This means private information like credit cards, addresses, phone numbers, and personal information are secure and transmitted safely during interactions. 

Finally, integrate AI to boost productivity and efficiency. Combining AI with Bright Pattern’s dialer software can allow your business to 

  • Increase call volume 
  • Conduct simultaneous calls 
  • Move on to the next call quickly 
  • Connect live agents to live calls quickly
  • Ensure agents are always available to take calls 
  • Automate routine tasks like password resets or information input 
  • Distribution of call backs to the right person

Empower your call center reps, telemarketers, sales teams, support teams, and outbound sales teams with advanced AI. Improve your revenue, increase ROI, and improve key performance indicators (KPIs). 


¿Qué es un Centro de llamadas?

Un Centro de llamadas es un departamento centralizado que maneja un gran volumen de llamadas telefónicas de los clientes. Estas llamadas pueden ser entrantes, donde los clientes inician la llamada para obtener soporte o información, o salientes, donde los agentes realizan llamadas a los clientes con fines de ventas, marketing u otros fines.

Principales funciones de un Centro de llamadas:

  • Brindar atención al cliente: Esta es la función más común de un Centro de llamadas. Los agentes ayudan a los clientes con una variedad de problemas, cómo solucionar problemas técnicos, responder preguntas sobre productos o servicios y procesar pedidos.
  • Ventas y marketing: los centros de llamadas también se pueden utilizar para generar clientes potenciales, realizar llamadas de ventas y realizar investigaciones de mercado.
  • Soporte técnico: algunos centros de llamadas brindan soporte técnico a los clientes que tienen problemas con un producto o servicio.
  • Cobros: Los centros de llamadas también se pueden utilizar para cobrar pagos de clientes que están atrasados ​​en sus facturas.

Los Centro de llamadas modernos utilizan cada vez más la tecnología para mejorar su eficiencia y eficacia. Esto incluye el uso de sistemas automatizados para enrutar llamadas al agente adecuado, el uso de grabación y monitoreo de llamadas para mejorar el desempeño del agente y el uso de opciones de autoservicio para permitir que los clientes obtengan ayuda sin tener que hablar con un agente.

Los centros de llamadas son una parte importante de muchas empresas y desempeñan un papel vital a la hora de brindar servicio al cliente, ventas y soporte.


Beste Callcenter-Software

Die 10 besten Callcenter-Software- und Contact-Center-Lösungen des Jahres 2024. Die Wahl der Top-Software für Callcenter ist für Unternehmen von entscheidender Bedeutung. Es steigert die Zufriedenheit der Kunden und aucherweitert sich das Geschäft. Die Software für Callcenter steigert die Effizienz durch die Automatisierung der Aufgaben und die Darstellung detaillierter Berichte. Auf diese Weise können Sie die Zeitpläne Ihrer Agenten optimieren und Bereiche mit Verbesserungspotenzial finden. Die Daten der Software können helfendu machst Intelligente Entscheidungen und seine Skalierbarkeit stellen sicher, dass es mit Ihrer Expansion Schritt halten kann, egal, ob Sie ein expandierendes oder ein großes Unternehmen sind.

Call-Center-Software fungiert als Anwendung zur Verwaltung der Interaktionen mit Kunden, die sich hauptsächlich auf Telefongespräche konzentrieren. Es leitet Anrufe an die richtigen Agenten weiter, optimiert grundlegende Fragen mithilfe von Menüs und analysiert außerdem die Leistung von Outbound- und Inbound-Callcentern. Betrachten Sie es als Nervensystem für den Betrieb Ihres Callcenters. Die beste Softwarefür einen Anruf Center ist mehr als nur eine Rufanlage. Es integriert Chat-, E-Mail- und Social-Media-Interaktion, um Kunden ein nahtloses Erlebnis zu bieten. Agenten sind außerdem mit Tools ausgestattet, mit denen sie den Anruffluss steuern, den Verlauf der Kunden einsehen und Probleme schnell beheben können. Durch die Analyse von Anrufmetriken und der Leistung von Agenten liefert die Software wertvolle Informationen, um den Kundenservice rundum zu verbessern. Die effektivste Software für Callcenter verfügt über eine Toolbox voller Funktionen, die Agenten dabei helfen, effizienter zu arbeiten und Prozesse zu verbessern. Stellen Sie sich Funktionen wie die automatisierte Anrufweiterleitung vor, die Kunden mit dem entsprechenden Agenten verbindet, und interaktive Sprachantwortsysteme (IVR), die einfache Anfragen ohne menschliches Eingreifen bearbeiten können, sowie die Anrufaufzeichnung, um eine qualitativ hochwertige Kontrolle und Schulung sicherzustellen. Eine leistungsstarke Contact-Center-Anwendung stellt Agenten eine Kundenhistorie zur Verfügung, um personalisierten Service zu bieten. Sie lässt sich in Ihr CRM-System integrieren, um Ihnen eine einheitliche Sicht auf jeden Kunden zu bieten und detaillierte Analysen und Berichte bereitzustellen, um Verbesserungsbereiche zu ermitteln. Fügen Sie Omnichannel-Support hinzu, um nahtlose Interaktionen über Chats, Telefonanrufe und E-Mails sowie soziale Medien zu gewährleisten, und Sie haben ein ideales Rezept für eine Kundenbetreuung, die wirklich magisch ist.

Die beste Callcenter-Software hängt von der Höhe Ihres Unternehmensbudgets, Ihren Bedürfnissen und Ihrer Größe ab. Lesen Sie Rezensionen und Blogs, um Ihre Auswahl einzugrenzen. Achten Sie unbedingt auf Funktionen wie Anrufweiterleitung und Integrationen sowie die Möglichkeit, Omnichannel-Kanäle zu unterstützen. Testen Sie die verschiedenen Möglichkeiten mit Probetests und bewerten Sie die Preise. Berücksichtigen Sie Skalierbarkeit, Sicherheit und Kundensupport, bevor Sie Ihre Entscheidung treffen. Die beste Software hat mehr als nur Funktionen. Berücksichtigen Sie Skalierbarkeit für zukünftiges Wachstum, sichere Maßnahmen zum Schutz von Kundendaten und zuverlässigen Kundensupport, um sicherzustellen, dass Sie nie alleine gelassen werden. Wenn Sie Ihre Bedürfnisse und andere Faktoren sorgfältig abwägen, sind Sie auf dem besten Weg, sich für die Callcenter-Software zu entscheiden, die Ihnen eine neue Welt der Kundenzufriedenheit und des Geschäftserfolgs eröffnet.


최고의 콜센터 소프트웨어

2024년 10가지 최고의 콜센터 소프트웨어 + 컨택센터 솔루션. 콜센터용 최고의 소프트웨어를 선택하는 것은 기업에 필수적입니다. 고객 만족도 향상은 물론 사업 확장도 도모하고 있습니다. 콜센터 운영에 사용되는 소프트웨어는 업무를 자동화하고 유익한 보고서를 제공하여 효율성을 향상시킵니다. 이를 통해 상담원 일정을 개선하고 개선 영역을 찾는 데 도움이 됩니다. 소프트웨어에서 생성된 데이터는 지능적인 비즈니스 선택을 가능하게 하며, 확장 기능을 통해 비즈니스 확장 여부에 관계없이 비즈니스 성장을 따라갈 수 있습니다.

콜센터 소프트웨어는 통화에 중점을 두고 고객 상호 작용을 관리하는 애플리케이션 역할을 합니다. 올바른 상담원에게 통화를 분배하고 메뉴를 사용하여 기본 질문을 간소화하며 아웃바운드 및 인바운드 콜센터의 성능을 분석합니다. 콜센터 운영을 위한 중추 신경계라고 생각해보세요. 최고의 소프트웨어통화를 위해 센터는 단순한 호출 시스템 그 이상입니다. 채팅, 이메일, 소셜 미디어 상호 작용을 통합하여 고객에게 원활한 경험을 제공합니다. 또한 상담원은 통화 흐름을 모니터링하고 고객에 대한 정보를 조회하며 문제를 신속하게 해결할 수 있는 도구를 갖추고 있습니다. 통화 지표 및 상담원 성과 분석을 통해 소프트웨어는 고객 만족도를 전반적으로 향상시킬 수 있는 귀중한 통찰력을 제공합니다. 통화를 위한 최고의 소프트웨어센터 에이전트의 역량을 강화하고 프로세스를 단순화하는 다양한 기능을 갖춘 강력한 도구 상자입니다. 고객을 적절한 상담원에게 연결하는 자동 통화 라우팅, 사람의 개입 없이 간단한 쿼리를 처리하는 대화형 음성 응답(IVR) 시스템, 통화 녹음 등의 기능을 상상해 보세요. 훈련. 강력한 컨택 센터 애플리케이션은 상담원이 고객 데이터에 액세스할 수 있도록 하여 CRM과의 상호 작용을 맞춤화하여 모든 고객에 대한 통합 보기를 제공하고 통찰력 있는 분석 및 보고를 제공하여 개선할 영역을 정확히 찾아냅니다. 채팅, 전화 통화, 이메일은 물론 소셜 미디어를 통한 원활한 커뮤니케이션을 보장하기 위해 옴니채널 지원을 추가하면 이상적인 고객 관리 방법을 갖게 됩니다.마법.

최고의 컨택 센터 소프트웨어는 비즈니스 예산 규모, 요구 사항 및 규모에 따라 달라집니다. 리뷰 웹사이트와 블로그를 살펴보고 몇 가지 대안을 찾아보세요. 통화 라우팅, 통합, 옴니채널 채널 지원 기능과 같은 기능을 고려하세요. 다양한 옵션을 시도하고 체험판과 가격을 비교해 보세요. 결정을 내리기 전에 확장성, 보안, 고객 서비스를 반드시 고려하십시오. 최고의 소프트웨어에는 단순한 기능 이상의 것이 있습니다. 미래의 비즈니스 성장을 지원하는 확장성, 고객의 데이터를 보호하기 위한 강력한 보안 조치, 고객이 결코 혼자 남겨지지 않도록 보장하는 안정적인 지원을 찾아보세요. 시간을 내어 귀하의 요구 사항과 기타 요소를 고려한다면 고객 만족과 회사 성장의 시대를 열 수 있는 콜센터에 가장 적합한 소프트웨어를 선택하게 될 것입니다.

Call Centre Software

Call centre software is a form of business software that helps companies manage their inbound and outgoing calls. It can be used to direct calls to the proper person, monitor call performance, and enhance customer service. Call centre software allows you to provide excellent customer service, increase agent productivity, and make data-driven decisions that propel your call centre to long-term success. There are numerous call centre software solutions available on the market, so it is critical to select one that matches the specific demands of your company. Call centre software provides numerous benefits to businesses, revolutionising how they conduct client interactions. It simplifies operations and directs consumers to the appropriate agents, decreasing wait times and hassles. 

Call centre software solutions are a company’s best kept secret if they want to maximise call centre operations and deliver exceptional customer service. These tools integrate robust call centre software with strategic implementation. Contact centre software includes features such as intelligent call routing for faster agent connections and self-service alternatives to empower customers. It also contains tools to improve agent productivity. On the strategic level, call centre solutions include workforce management to ensure efficient agent scheduling and training. By integrating software, strategy, and data analysis, call centre software solutions empower organisations to build a vibrant customer service environment, resulting in happier customers, productive agents, and a successful call centre.

There are numerous call centre software solutions available on the market, so it is critical to select one that matches the specific demands of your company.  The best call centre software isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, but it does have some common qualities. They should be feature-rich, with capabilities such as automatic call routing, self-service choices, and detailed call analytics. The best call centre software has a sophisticated set of features such as automatic call routing, self-service choices, and detailed call analytics. The best call centre software integrates with your existing CRM, prioritises agent productivity with features such as call recording, and scales to handle future expansion.


What is AI in a call center?

AI Call center is the use of artificial intelligence to transform customer service operations. Imagine chatbots handling routine questions, AI systems understanding the emotions in a customer’s voice, and automated systems routing calls to the perfect agent. This is the power of call center AI. It frees up human agents for complex issues, analyzes vast amounts of data to predict customer needs, and even routes calls efficiently. 

Level Up Your Call Center with AI Call Center Solutions

AI Call Center Solutions Customer service is a battlefield, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be your secret weapon. Imagine a call center that:

  • Keeps customers happy: AI chatbots handle routine inquiries and basic troubleshooting 24/7, reducing wait times and frustration.
  • Empowers your agents: AI automates repetitive tasks like call routing and data entry, freeing agents to focus on complex issues and provide personalized service.
  • Makes smarter decisions: AI analyzes vast amounts of data to predict customer needs, anticipate problems, and even route calls to the most qualified agent.
Simple Yet Powerful.

Enterprise class functionality with highest ease of use.

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Omnichannel Quality Management

Monitor 100% of interactions on any channel

Omnichannel Communications

Provide customers and agents seamless, personalized, effortless communications across all voice and digital channels.

Omnichannel Quality Management

Ensure quality on every interaction on every channel through AI-powered omni-channel quality management capabilities.

Omni-Enterprise CX™

Powerful omnichannel mobile app that puts the power of an omnichannel contact center in the hands of every agent and every employee.

Powerful Out-of-the-Box Integrations and RESTful APIs

CRM Integrations

Easily connect your CRM system to Bright Pattern to personalize CX or bring omnichannel communication to your CRM desktop.


Microsoft Dynamics


Oracle Service Cloud



Artificial Intelligence

Bright Pattern works with best-of-breed AI providers. With these partners Bright Pattern can detect sentiment to measure the quality of interactions, provide AI-powered agent assist to improve agent productivity, and offer conversational IVRs to reduce effort for voice self-service.




IBM Watson


Bright Pattern AI

ITSM Service Management & ESM Integrations

Turbocharge your existing ITSM solution with omnichannel communication.







Microsoft Integrations

Have Teams, Dynamics, or Microsoft AI? Bright Pattern works best with it.

Microsoft Dynamics 365


Voice Biometrics



Contact center software and data centers are fully compliant with the following standards, and regularly adding new ones:

Bright Pattern software compliance includes GDPR and HIPAA compliant infrastructure, data storage, and data transmission for sensitive data; firewalls and access controls to protect customer credit card data; audit logs to create an audit train for access to network resources and data; regular penetration and security testing for systems and processes.


Bright Pattern integrates with all leading WFM systems.







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Completely customizable and easy to scale, virtual call center software keeps you and your business compliant and innovative by design – without costly upgrades. Transform your contact center with deceptively simple software that’s intuitive to use and your agents will love!

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