In order to deliver a superior customer experience, it is imperative that call center agents have relevant information that is personalized for each caller. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) call center software  achieves this by allowing contact center agents to access information quickly and immediately address customer issues.

Bright Pattern’s omnichannel call center CRM integration delivers a rich user experience across all channels, including incoming calls through a traditional phone system,, live chat, email, SMS/ text messaging, social media, mobile apps, messengers, and more.

Through Bright Pattern’s partnerships, Bright Pattern brings together the industry’s leading CRM solutions with the most advanced contact center solution available in the marketplace. Our omnichannel contact center software solution integrates seamlessly with all popular CRM data solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Oracle Service Cloud, Zendesk, and ServiceNow.


In order for call center agents and call center teams to deliver a premium customer experience, it is critical that they have the most advanced tools that utilize new features and capabilities. Using the best call center software available to route calls to the best sales team or support team members is one of the top ways to improve agent performance and increase customer satisfaction.

To address this issue, Bright Pattern’s call center solution offers a Unified Agent Desktop that works with your phone system and call center CRM and allows agents to easily access any interaction across any communication channel. This enables agents to see the entire conversation with full context, including interaction history, call activity, and past service tickets, resulting in a better customer experience. 

Our omnichannel Agent Desktop allows contact center agents and call center teams to have context across all communication channels, deliver insights into a customer’s journey, and prioritize work through intelligent routing to the right agent based on agent availability and skills.

Bright Pattern offers many benefits and advanced features for your call center agents, including single sign-on (SSO) functionality. Just log on one time and you are ready to go across all Bright Pattern applications. Agents have access to an intuitive user interface within our call center solution that presents all information on a single screen, saving them time from having to switch between channels. Screen pop, click-to-call, call routing, interactive voice response (IVR), predictive dialer, a comprehensive CRM system, call recording, automatic call distribution, a built-in knowledge base, and real-time analytics and statistics are just a few other features that help increase agent productivity.

An integrated call center CRM system and call center software solution also simplifies routine tasks and high-frequency requests, allowing agents to work smarter and handle higher call volumes without sacrificing quality or job satisfaction. Agents can also employ powerful macros to assist in basic tasks, further streamlining their workflow and allowing them to focus on more complex tasks and delivering high-quality service.

Whether you operate a help desk, customer support team, sales team, small business, or large enterprise, Bright Pattern’s CRM call center integration will improve workforce management, and provide flexibility to your business. Our solution’s flexibility with CRM integrations makes our call center software suitable for businesses of all sizes. By combining customer information and customer interactions, your agents will have everything they need to deliver an outstanding customer experience across all communications channels.

Bright Pattern’s contact center software also integrates with powerful artificial intelligence (AI) and bot solutions. This provides your call center with enhanced automation to speed up customer support and improve the customer experience. Bright Pattern works with AI-powered bots and cognitive technologies of third-party vendors, including Google, Amazon, IBM, and others.

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  • Omnichannel cloud-based CRM contact center solution
  • Single customer view
  • Screen pop
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology
  • Built-in knowledge base
  • Omnichannel call center quality assurance tools and reporting
  • Campaign management
  • Inbound call center
  • Outbound call center
  • Blended call center
  • CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Click-to-call and click-to-chat capability
  • All media channels supported
  • Predictive dialer
  • Progressive dialer
  • Preview dialer
  • Call recording
  • Screen recording
  • Social media


Bright Pattern does more than just offer personalized customer experiences and empowerment of agents. Bright Pattern’s omnichannel contact center platform provides tools and advanced features to create customer journeys for customers based on defined business rules and preferences. Access the most relevant data from the Bright Pattern CRM call center software solution to build build strong customer relationships. 

Bright Pattern’s Scenario Builder, drag-and-drop journey-building application,provides all the new features and tools needed to create the customer journey that best fits your business strategy.

Business rules are easy to create, modify, and maintain. Through omnichannel routing, priority customers can be offered a top-tier chat as soon as they log in for immediate assistance, or they can be routed to an agent who is familiar with their needs. Using best research business practices, customers can be routed for either email, text messaging, live chats, or phone calls based on previous user history or preferred contact method.

Use the Bright Pattern Contact Center CRM solution to develop the business and communication strategy that best fits your goals, whether you’re a small business or large enterprise. Access CRM data to make outbound calls, send SMS text notifications, or deliver premium customer service to your most-valued customers. You decide the strategy and channel and Bright Pattern will ensure that your customers receive a personal and successful interaction experience.

Scenario builder


The goal of a contact center is to deliver a great customer experience, and call center quality assurance is the main method of delivering a consistently great customer experience while maintaining efficiency. 

Effective call center quality assurance allow a call center to proactively monitor interactions, discover areas for improvement, improve ROI, and provide remediation and training for call center agents where required. Utilizing a combination of AI and call center anlaytics, Bright Pattern’s call center software delivers insights and allows you to continuously improve interactions between your callers  and agents while meeting business objectives. When done right it will improve first call resolution; boost the speed of customer support, reduce average handle time, transfer, and callbacks; identify process areas for improvement; improve both the customer and agent experience; and receive customer feedback. 

Bright Pattern QM Pro allows quality managers to evaluate only those interactions, positive or negative, that fall above or below a certain threshold or measurement. QM Pro is able to monitor interactions on all channels, including inbound and outgoing calls, SMS, text, Chat and email. We utilize advanced technologies, including AI, sentiment, keyword search, and more, to help quality managers to quickly identify and review the interactions that are most important to the business.

QM Pro documents the criteria for each type of channel interaction so that your agents know exactly what the business is expecting of them. Evaluation forms can be developed by channel, and questions can be weighted to focus and measure those activities that are most critical to the customer experience.

The QM Pro solution includes call center quality assurance calibration capabilities, such as the ability to compare multiple evaluators and close variations between them, which guarantee that the scoring process is objective and equitable for agents.

In addition to call center quality assurance evaluators being calibrated for consistency, it is also important that agents are included in the process to gain buy-in and create positive reinforcement for remediation activities. We provide you with the ability to allow agents to score themselves and then be evaluated by their supervisors, as well as a dispute resolution process in the event that the agent feels that the supervisor evaluation was unfair. By gaining agreement on performance scoring, agents and supervisors can engage in positive dialogue about how to improve performance.

QM Pro helps agents to receive immediate feedback via a dashboard showing their scores and evaluations. The dashboard directs agents to the specific interactions that were evaluated, with notes and attachments for quicker resolution and implementation.

Because QM Pro is fully embedded in the Bright Pattern call center solution, there is no need for complex integrations in order to access interactions and data. All recordings, transcripts, and associated metadata are native to the solution. With one common user interface to set up, manage, and operate, you are able to maximize your time on improving the quality of the customer experience.


Bright Pattern brings together the most advanced contact center software with the most popular CRM applications in the market. By combining your call center communications channels to your favorite CRM software solution, your small business or large enterprise will have more flexibility. You will give call center agents the ability to communicate on the channel the customer prefers, identify and route interactions to the most appropriate person, and screen pop important customer information on your screen. Turn your favorite CRM application into a communications platform and empower your agents with the most advanced cloud-based call center in the market.


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Bright Pattern integrates seamlessly with any system of records or CRM. See how we can integrate with your CRM or system of records by requesting a custom demo today.