Call Center Software for Visually-Impaired

Bright Pattern’s Cloud Call Center Software helps people with disabilities to work from home, without commuting every day. It also helps employers to help people with disabilities while tapping into an additional pool of talent.

Bright Pattern’s Agent Desktop web application features a number of enhancements to be operated by a person with blindness using a screen reader, such as JAWS (Job Access with Speech):

  • WAI-ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) tags in key interface locations, to read alert pop-ups, for example
  • Complete keyboard navigation with tab and arrow keys
  • Shortcut keys for invoking most functions directly

Contact Center Agent Desktop is focused on the following use cases:

  • Loggin in – same user
  • Loggin in – different user
  • Selecting a Phone Device (softphone, external phone number, dial-in, etc)
  • Forgotten Password Reset
  • Confirming Failed Login Attempt
  • Accepting an Inbound Call
  • Rejecting an Inbound Call
  • Checking the Current State
  • Confirming Call Released by Remote Party
  • Releasing a Call (by a call center Agent)
  • Holding/Retrieving a call
  • Muting/Unmuting the microphone
  • Blind Transferting a call
  • Making a consult Call
  • Making a Two-step Transfer
  • Making a Call Using Directory Search
  • Making a Call Using Directory Browse
  • Making a Call Using Recent or Favorites
  • Adding to, and Removing from, Favorites
  • Changing a Password
  • Playing a Pre-recorded Message
  • Opening a List of Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Flagging a Call
  • Activating and Pausing Call Recording
  • Starting an Internal Chat – Outgoing
  • Confirming an Internal Chat – Incoming
  • Logging out

The following keyboard shortcuts are available within the Agent Desktop:

F6 Set focus on disposition selector
F8 Open state selector menu.
F9 Set agent state to “Ready”.
F10 Open Settings menu.
Alt+S Open directory tab, set focus on search input box.
Alt+C Set focus on chat input text field.
Alt+K Set focus on chat messages.
Alt+N Set focus on number input field.
Alt+A Answer alerting interaction.
Alt+X Mute the microphone.
Alt+Shift+X Unmute the microphone.
Alt+M Flag the interaction
Alt+Shift+M Unflag the interaction
Alt+Z Hold/Retrieve the current interaction.
Alt+Q Terminate the current interaction.
Alt+P Open pre-recorded messages menu.
Alt+F Add to favorites.
Alt+Shift+F Remove from favorites
Alt+0 Select “Non-call cases” item in AIL.
Alt+1…9 Select interaction in Active Interaction List (AIL).
Alt+Arrow right/Arrow left Select next and previous interaction in AIL.
Ctrl+F4 Logout from AgentDesktop.
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