Fully TCPA Compliant Cloud-Based Contact Center Software

What is TCPA?

TCPA, or the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, is a federal statute that restricts telephone solicitations (e.g., telemarketing) and the use of automated telephone equipment. It is enforced by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The Telephone Consumer Protection Act restricts telemarketing communications via voice calls, SMS texts, and fax in order to protect consumer privacy.

Bright Pattern ensures your company stays TCPA compliant with Do Not Call (DNC) integrations, multiple opt-in and consent options, comprehensive rules for autodialing and predictive dialing, curfew hours, and more.

Separate Server

Separate server for dialing

Advanced Predictive Dialer

Dialer ensures compliance

Mandatory Manual Dialing

Can be set to require manual dial

DNC List Integration

Check your list against DNC lists

Contact Center Software Designed for TCPA Compliance

“Do Not Call” List Integration

Integration with all third-party vendors that check your call list against National DNC lists.

Integration with Third-Party Services

Integrates with services like PossibleNOW, Contact Center Compliance, and Gryphon to ensure DNC lists are followed.

Seperate Servers for Dialing

Separate server removes the capacity to perform automated dialing and robocalls to ensure agents follow regulation.

Custom Settings for Outbound Calls

Customize settings for your call center, like minimum number of rings, opt-out scenario templates, and outbound call redirect.

Advanced Metrics for Outbound Calls

Get real-time and historical metrics for abandoned and unattended calls. Be alerted when abandonment exceeds threshold

Set Expiration Metrics

Set record expiration, automatically scrub and update lists, and set the expiration metrics to ensure an accurate DNC list.

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Additional Bright Pattern Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Bright Pattern’s call center software helps call center managers manage their call center agents and telemarketing activities while avoiding TCPA litigation and lawsuits. Our omnichannel contact center solution features an advanced automatic telephone dialing system (ATDS) that complies with FCC, FTC, and TCPA rules.

Ensure that outbound call campaigns to telephone numbers and cell phone numbers are compliant with TCPA law, follow best practices, and safeguard your contact center. Bright Pattern’s compliance solutions ensure that contact centers are following the provisions of TCPA and abide by national DNC lists. Ensure prior consent when making outbound calls using our intelligent auto dialer.

  • Automated periodic upload of scrubbed lists
  • Record expiration (end of scrubbing grace period)
  • Record expiration (end of opt-in period)
  • Record expiration (end of EBR period)
  • Expiration metrics (real-time)
  • Expiration metrics (historical)
  • List management API
  • National level
  • State/province level
  • Defaults per current regulations (US)
  • Safe calling hours
  • Opt-out scenario template
  • Pre-recorded voice messages (individual)
  • Pre-recorded voice messages (campaign-level)
  • IVR conference-in
  • Customizable web forms
  • Call monitoring
  • Call recording
  • Dial rules by phone type
  • Manual preview calls (dial always activated by agent)
  • Restricting tenant’s outbound campaigns to preview-only at provider level (in Limits)
  • Re-direct of abandoned (unattended) calls to IVR
  • Compliant opt-out scenario template
  • Real-time metrics for abandoned (unattended) calls
  • Historical metrics for abandoned (unattended) calls
  • Alert for abandonment rate exceeding threshold
  • Manual regulation of campaign calling rate
  • Minimum number of rings/seconds before disconnect
  • Direct “do not call” requests
  • Record exclusion DNC with periodic updates
  • Geographic DNC (state, area code, postal code)
  • DNC export manual
  • Immediate call release when customer hangs up
  • Multiple DNCs in one campaign
  • DNC changes via API
  • Automated export of campaign results and Recordings
  • Multiple caller IDs for one campaign

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act was signed into law in 1991 as a response to a growing rise in unregulated and harassing telemarketing calls and faxes. The TCPA regulation limits the use of pre-recorded voice messages, automatic dialing, SMS, and fax.

Without explicit customer consent, companies must adhere to strict solicitation rules, solicitors must honor the National Do Not Call Registry, and subscribers may sue a company that does not follow TCPA guidelines. Any violations may result in a fine of up to $500 per violation from the Federal Communications Commission. In some cases, the fines from the FCC may be in the tens of millions for violation of telephone solicitation laws.

Bright Pattern is one of the leading vendors for AI-driven omnichannel contact center software. Our contact center software is true omnichannel, allowing you to seamlessly connect with customers over any channel. Bright Pattern has the fastest ROI and the best ease-of-use in the industry.

True omnichannel is the ability to interact with clients over any channel and seamlessly switch between channels. Start a conversation with a client over the phone, then switch over to text/SMS, then switch over to email, all while maintaining the context of the conversation. Bright Pattern supports all digital channels, like SMS, text messaging, video call, voice call, email, messaging apps, and more.

Yes! Bright Pattern is fully compliant with all major laws and regulations. Bright Pattern is fully HIPAA compliant, TCPA compliant, GDPR compliant, SOC compliant, and PCI compliant. Read about our other compliances in our compliance page.

Bright Pattern’s contact center software is flexible, dynamic, and cloud-based. Bright Pattern’s contact center solution can be tailored to any industry and any situation. Request a demo and see how we can tailor Bright Pattern’s solution to your industry.

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