Inbound Call Center Software

Inbound Call Center Software is the central point of contact for any business that offers customer service. As such, an inbound call center is where businesses and their customers interact, communicate, and share information. Some businesses may offer inbound services exclusively, where the customer always initiates the interaction, while others may offer both inbound and outbound services, or simply outbound. Inbound call centers typically include many ways for customers to get in touch: voice calls, chats, web inquiries, email, SMS/texts, messengers, social networking sites, and more. Inbound call centers are generally used with contact center software to facilitate multichannel routing of interactions, monitor interactions for performance and quality, and maintain data for analysis and tracking.

An inbound call center software provides:

  • A central place for customers to initiate interactions with businesses
  • Multichannel routing of customer-initiated interactions
  • Services for voice calls, chats, web inquiries, email, SMS/texts, and social networking sites
  • Agent performance monitoring for quality management and for customer service tracking

Meeting customer service goals requires a delicate balance of delivering exceptional customer satisfaction while controlling costs and maintaining efficiency. We built Bright Pattern to help you reach—and exceed—your goals. Bright Pattern and our Scenario Builder visual interface support the development of powerful inbound call center applications to meet any need.

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Highly Scalable to Meet Any Need

Bright Pattern is extensively and continuously tested and verified for operation in environments consisting of thousands of concurrent agents – as many as 5,000 in a single cluster.

This testing and our many deployments in high-volume, large-scale, contact centers give you peace of mind that we can grow with you, and that the platform simply works.

Each inbound call is unique; all agents are special

Customers are happiest when they quickly reach the person who can solve their problem. Agents are only effective when they handle interactions that they are qualified for. Our tools help you effectively route incoming and ongoing interactions to the right person. Take advantage of our advanced skills-based routing capabilities to prioritize agents for certain call types, or to route calls to the appropriate queues. Build sophisticated treatments to reduce hold times, and ensure your callers talk to the right agent, sooner.

And we support outbound call center agents on the same platform, providing you with the utmost in flexibility. Allocate your resources and adjust your campaigns at will. Develop more sophisticated campaigns that make better use of your workforce.

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skier call center

Start off right with powerful interactive voice response (IVR)

Our feature-rich Interactive Voice Response capability supports effective self-service as it allows you to identify callers and to collect relevant data for precise routing, segmentation, and prioritization. Build sophisticated inbound voice applications that are powerful but easy-to-use for your callers.

Manage Quality With the Right Tools

Track performance and service levels with our built-in supervisory tools, to ensure maximum efficiency and caller satisfaction.

Your supervisors can not only monitor calls three different ways, they can grade agents in both real-time, or offline. Further, each service queue can have an after-call survey configured with results propagated into historical reports for service queues, teams, and individual team members. Customize your grading schemes and aggregate data for historical reporting.

Unique in the industry, Bright Pattern lets you measure and react to service quality issues across different channels. So instead of fractured data, you get true insights that support sound strategic and tactical decisions.

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salesforce integration

Salesforce and Third-party Application Integration

Integration with Salesforce* is built-in, and works ‘out-of-the-box,’ so you can avoid a lengthy and costly integration exercise during deployment. It just works. Gracefully pop any Salesforce object onto the agent screen, and access a database or URL from the IVR. Just drag and drop Salesforce building blocks into your logic flow using our Scenario Builder visual interface.

We’ve thoughtfully designed our platform to quickly and easily support integration with any other third-party CRM or leads management system. Just ask us.

Our extensible design allows us to easily integrate with any other third-party CRM or leads management system.

User-friendly, Web-based Interfaces

We designed and built our user interface based on decades of laboratory and field research and direct experience. Why? When it’s easy to see how to configure your contact center for best practices, you’re more likely to take advantage of them. Powerful functionality is wasted when it is too hard to find or figure out. Bright Pattern makes it easy to be a top performer with simple but strong security, and easy-to-navigate supervisor desktop, agent desktop, and administration tools.

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Why Wait?

We are happy to answer questions, discuss specific workflows and requirements on a live presentation online, describe core benefits, or set up a pilot project to trial our applications without paying any license fees. Let Bright Pattern’s cloud contact center solution help you change the pattern of customer service.