IVR-Powered Automation and Self-Service Solutions


Interactive Voice Response, or IVR software, is a self-service technology that allows customers to interact with a contact center through a touch tone keypad or voice input without the aid of a live agent.This allows customers to self-service, and to navigate your organization through an IVR menu and find the appropriate solution quickly. By utilizing menu options, an IVR system enables routing callers or incoming calls to the appropriate agent or department without having the speak to a live agent. 

An IVR system enables customers to solve basic problems or answer basic inquiries on their own. Integrating an IVR solution into your contact center system allows your customers to receive quicker, better service. Customers can easily find the status of a shipment, follow-up on an existing order, or request an agent depending on their specific needs.  

IVR systems increase customer satisfaction, customer service efficiency, and reduce operational costs. In addition to improved first-call resolution, implementing an interactive voice response system in the call center boosts agent productivity. By eliminating the tedious step of manually gathering customer data, agents can focus on what’s important–the customer experience.


Bright Pattern’s IVR solution adapts your customer service strategy to your business strategy to create a better customer experience. Through Bright Pattern’s journey-building IVR application, the Scenario Builder, you can prompt customers to input the required information via speech recognition or through their telephone keypad, automated responses, or route high-value customers to the most appropriate resource to satisfy their needs.

Once you have designed and implemented your business strategy with the drag-and-drop Scenario Builder application, you can use our data-rich survey capabilities to assess customer satisfaction and agent performance.


There are two kinds of IVR systems. Traditional interactive voice response systems typically prompt callers to select a number from a menu of options and will route calls or provide service depending on the option selected. Conversational IVR solutions utilize speech recognition to allow users to speak naturally and describe what they need in their own words.

Bright Pattern’s conversational IVR application utilizes artificial intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), and speech-to-text technologies to deliver a more natural customer experience that closely replicates the experience of talking to a real agent over the phone.

interactive voice response IVR


Interactive voice response systems provide a number of benefits to both callers, small business owners, and enterprises. Whether you’re a sales team, a customer support team, or a service provider, an IVR can boost productivity and efficiency by acting as an automated receptionist.  Customers today often prefer self-service, and businesses can enjoy higher levels of customer satisfaction while lowering costs.


  • Faster service for routine tasks — Typical tasks such as checking a balance can be offered up automatically to customers for fast selection and service.
  • Faster first contact resolution — IVRs can be used to gather information to best route inquiries to the most appropriate agent for quick resolution versus multiple transfers.
  • Increased customer satisfaction — Customers who are routed to the best resource or department with the right information get their issue resolved faster, resulting in higher CSAT.
  • Easier navigation based on needs — The IVR provides customers choices to solve their particular issue, whether it be account lookup, making payments, or speaking to a particular agent.


  • Reduced operational costs — Digital assistants can act as automated receptionists. They can handle basic inquiries and direct a customer’s callback, saving money and increasing profits.
  • Improved agent productivity — IVR systems can gather basic information and route customers to the best and highest-skilled agent to handle the customer service interaction.
  • Better customer service — IVR self-service can reduce customer wait time and call volume, resulting in time savings for both the customer and the company
  • Anytime/anywhere 24/7 access — Customers can receive service whenever they choose and are not limited to business hours and weekday schedules
  • Optimize company resourcesSaves money on labor, lower customer queue times, improve call flow, automate routine activities, and stay available for the customer at all times


An IVR self-service application helps direct inbound calls and outbound calls to the right destination in the best route possible. The goal of a voice response system is to help the caller reach their desired destination as quickly as possible, improving the customer experience.


However, an IVR system is not limited to simply directing a caller with a specific need. An IVR can also be designed to extract information from callers that are used for other purposes. Information like phone numbers, account numbers, and credit card info can be collected through an IVR application. Businesses can set up surveys to obtain valuable data from their customers, after the call is done.

This enables IVR systems to gather real-time feedback and consumer data. IVR data can also help businesses and call centers anticipate events or times that typically trigger increased call rates, so that they can schedule appropriately and manage increased demand.


Sales departments have also employed IVRs so that customers can place orders over the phone. The IVR uses responses to prompts to complete an automated virtual form. Once the order is placed, it is transferred by the IVR to the appropriate staff. The IVR can be set up to send this data as an email.

The example of how sales departments use IVRs demonstrates that an IVR has both incoming and outgoing capabilities. An IVR can send a fax, deliver an email, or place a phone call. For example, during political campaigns, an IVR can place robocalls with political information. Combining an IVR’s outgoing call capabilities with survey technology is a great way to reach out to voters or consumers to gather poll data.

In addition, IVRs can be used to produce transcriptions of audio content, which is then transferred to databases, to the cloud, or to individuals via email.


Bright Pattern offers two kinds of IVR: a traditional IVR that prompts callers to select a number from a menu of options, and a conversational IVR that allows you to speak naturally and describe what you want in your own words.

Aside from advanced IVR functionality, Bright Pattern’s contact center software is fully omnichannel, supporting conversations across all communication channels, like text, sms, e-mail, voice call, live chat, and more. Our contact center software builds upon basic call center functionality, like IVR, ACD, and predictive dialing, and adds advanced features such as omnichannel capabilities, CRM integration, and AI integration. 


We are happy to answer questions, discuss specific workflows and requirements on a live presentation online, describe core benefits, or set up a pilot project to trial our applications without paying any license fees. Let Bright Pattern’s call center solution help you change the pattern of customer service