What is WFO and WFM?

Bright Pattern Workforce Optimization (WFO) and Workforce Management (WFM) integrations give you the tools necessary to analyze customer interactions and drive efficiency through accurate forecasting and scheduling. Accurate scheduling is proven to empower agents and reduce turnover, which is increasingly important in an industry with one of the highest national turnover rates.

“Workforce optimization software is crucial for contact centers wanting to maximize the performance levels of representatives, as well as the quality and consistency of their communication with customers while reducing unnecessary overtime expenditures,” said Konstantin Kishinsky, CTO of Bright Pattern. “Adding WFO to omnichannel contact center software truly amplifies agent productivity and the ability to improve the customer experience.”

WFO/WFM Tools Empower Your Agents

Whether the channel is voice, chat, video, or social, an agent’s attitude and experience matters. Agents who feel more valued by their employers are more motivated to resolve calls satisfactorily, more creative about finding solutions, and more willing to continue to improve their own knowledge and customer relationship skills.

By creating accurate schedules and improving quality management practices with WFO/WFM tools, agents remain engaged and empowered to handle tough customer interactions.

Fewer overtime hours
Greater forecasting accuracy
Lower average queue time

Integration Partners

“Pipkins’ systems forecast and schedule more than 300,000 agents in over 500 locations across all industries worldwide. Our early associations with British Telecom and AT&T Network Systems United Kingdom helped establish Pipkins at the forefront of the demanding operator services industry.”

NICE WFO solution enables companies to improve customer satisfaction rating by identifying performance gaps, delivering coaching, providing advanced scheduling and forecasting, and improving overall agent performance and productivity.

Aspect WFO solution has increased productivity for millions of agents worldwide. The solution enhances the work lives of supervisors and agents through real-time coaching, accurate forecasting and quality and performance management tools.
Monet’s WFO Suite improves contact center service levels while reducing center costs with affordable and easy to use cloud WFO software for workforce management, quality monitoring, analytics and performance management.

Details of Workforce Optimization (WFO) and Workforce Management (WFM)

Quality Management

Reduce time spent manually sifting through call recordings with automated quality management tools for analyzing customer interactions. WFO provides analysis for quality monitoring and management over voice- and text-based customer interactions.

Forecast Scheduling

Utilize advanced WFM algorithms that give the most accurate schedule optimization to contact centers. Save time spent manually creating agent schedules and dealing with agent work preferences. WFM analyzes forecasted call volumes and automatically schedules to ensure that the correct number of agents, along with the correct skills, are available to handle customer interactions.

Improve KPIs

Use WFO analytics to improve key performance indicators (KPIs). Easily identify KPIs that need improvement and stay focused on the goal with WFO that gives your contact center greater visibility of valuable metrics across all conversation types.

Coach and Train Agents More Efficiently

By tracking 100% of agent interactions, you can more efficiently coach your workforce and identify skill deficiencies. Automatically analyzed by WFO tools, this information is essential to supervisors and managers when evaluating agent performance and customer satisfaction.

Flexibility for Agents

Another key benefit of WFM is time flexibility for contact center agents. WFM along with a cloud contact center solution, companies can easily hire a remote workforce allowing them to expand to different geographies and take advantage of diverse agent skill sets.

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