Oracle Service Cloud Call Center Software Integration

Bright Pattern Oracle Service Cloud Call Center Integration

Bright Pattern’s call center solution integrates with Oracle service cloud and utilizes cloud contact center technology to provide an Oracle contact center anywhere. Bright Pattern’s Oracle call center integration integrates the Oracle CRM within the Bright Pattern platform and vice-versa, allowing your organization to utilize the Oracle service cloud as part of your omnichannel contact center solution. Provide great customer service, increase agent efficiency, provide a personal customer experience, and make the experience seamless for customer service representatives with the Bright Pattern Oracle Service Cloud Call Center Integration.

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Why Clients Choose Bright Pattern

Cloud Based Omnichannel CRM Solution

The Bright Pattern omnichannel call center solution and Oracle Service Cloud call center integration brings together one of the industry’s leading CRM solutions with the most advanced contact center software available in the marketplace.

unified agent desktop

Unified Agent Desktop

The Bright Pattern Oracle Service cloud call center integration supports search, identification, and screen pop functionality, as well as creating Oracle Service Cloud items based on interaction data.

AI and Bots

AI and Bots

Our Oracle Service Cloud call center integration also provides powerful artificial intelligence (AI) and bot solutions to give agents and customers enhanced automation to speed up time to resolution and improve the customer experience.

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Omnichannel Capabilities with CRM Solutions

Bright Pattern’s oracle call center software allows customer service agents to provide a personal customer experience by getting information from the Oracle Service Cloud. Combine Bright Pattern’s platform with the Oracle Service Cloud Environment to provide a Oracle contact center anywhere in the world.

With Bright Pattern’s omnichannel capabilities, your call center can interact with customers through channels like voice, SMS, text, messenger apps, email, video, and more. All of these interactions can be stored in the Oracle Service Cloud call center integration within the Oracle Cloud. Bright Pattern can help turn your contact center into an Oracle cloud contact center and an Oracle service center, providing a personal customer experience on any channel by giving your agents access to information in the Oracle cloud through the agent console.

Bright Pattern’s CCaaS platform can also integrate with other CRM solutions, like the Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, and your native CRM or record management system. Bright Pattern’s omnichannel call center solution allows customers to contact your customer service agents on any channel, while having customer interaction history and information right at the agent’s fingertips in the unified agent desktop.

Experience dramatic productivity gains in your cloud contact center, and combine the Bright Pattern call center solution with the power of the Oracle Service Cloud call center integration.

Call Center Agent

Agent Empowerment

Contact center agents utilizing the Bright Pattern call center solution with the Oracle Service Cloud environment integration will have a more seamless experience when interacting with customers. Whether these customer service agents are working on inbound calls in a sales team or outbound calls in outbound call centers, Bright Pattern’s integration with the Oracle service Cloud environment can help boost productivity in your omnichannel call center solution. Empower agents by giving them access to the information in the CRM that they need in their agent console, streamline workflows with easy access to customer information, provide customer service agents and contact center agents with an intuitive user interface, and automate repetitive tasks with Bright Pattern’s tools, such as robotic process automation.

agent empowerment

True Omnichannel Routing

Bright Pattern’s advanced omnichannel call center solution allows companies to deliver a rich and personal solution for contact centers that can be easily implemented. With all communication channels for agents and customers included natively, there are no disparate systems to worry about, and attention can be focused solely on the customer and productive agents.

Furthermore, Bright Pattern omnichannel routing technology allows you to create communication workflows based on the information contained in the Oracle call center solution. You can route inbound calls and contacts based on almost any information contained in the Oracle Service Cloud, including the value of the customer, the last agent that serviced the client, skill levels, and more.

Omnichannel Oracle

Bring Any CRM to Customize the Customer Journey

Bright Pattern’s omnichannel contact center solution can integrate with any CRM, including Salesforce CRM, Oracle Service Center, Microsoft Dynamics, or even your natively-built record management system. Bright Pattern’s CCaaS solution can utilize the power of CRMs like Salesforce CRM and Oracle Service Center to personalize the customer experience by allowing customer service agents to get easy access to customer information through their agent console. Data can be stored in data centers like the Oracle cloud, and Bright Pattern accesses this information so that contact center agents can utilize information to personalize the customer experience.

Bright Pattern’s omnichannel contact center solution can utilize information from CRMs like the Oracle Service Cloud environment to personalize the customer experience. Through it’s omnichannel call center solution, Bright Pattern accesses customer information from the Oracle service Center to power interactions, empowering customer service agents and providing a better customer service. Bright Pattern’s omnichannel contact center solution is based on the cloud as well, allowing your business to run the contact center anywhere, at any time.

Bright Pattern’s CCaaS platform also allows businesses to adapt their call centers to workflows for their detailed project plan or use case. Whether businesses want to adapt their digital self-service activities, end business processes that are redundant, or lead the customer through the right resource as quickly as possible, Bright Pattern’s drag-and-drop scenario builder allows customers to go through your contact center effortlessly.

Customizable Journeys Oracle

Omnichannel Quality Management

Bright Pattern’s CCaaS solution is omnichannel. In a legacy multichannel contact center solution, communication channels and technology are often bolted-on, leading to a mesh of disparate systems that leads to friction for both agents and customers. With an omnichannel platform, your Oracle contact center or Oracle Service cloud call center can reach customers on any digital channel and switch between channels of communication at anytime.

With Bright Pattern’s Omni QM technology, your Oracle Service-powered call center can monitor 100% of interactions on all channels. This means that you can monitor all interactions between your Oracle Service Cloud call center agents and customers on channels such as voice, text, email, chat, messenger apps, and SMS.

Additional Bright Pattern Features

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bright Pattern’s CCaaS platform is one of the industry’s best cloud center software, and can integrate seamlessly with Oracle’s service cloud solutions through APIs. Because Bright Pattern is based on the cloud, your business can open an oracle contact center anywhere and provide a call center ondemand for customers.

Bright Pattern’s platform can integrate with the right Oracle CX product for your business, and allow your call center to provide the best Oracle Cloud CX service possible for customers. Power Oracle Service Cloud call center agents to deliver the best possible customer service by giving them access to customer information. Recruit Oracle Service Cloud call center agents from a wide geographic area, and unite them into one customer service team through Bright Pattern’s cloud platform.

Bright Pattern’s contact center platform is built to be adapted to any use case for any industry. Bright Pattern can open a contact center anywhere for industries around the world with custom use cases. Through the Scenario Builder in Bright Pattern’s platform, customize the customer journey for any use case.

Whether you run sales-focused outbound call centers that rely on predictive dialer or a customer service department that relies on IVR with queueing and the routing of traditional phone calls for marketing cloud applications, Bright Pattern and our capability overviews has all the features that your call center needs.

Omni QM is Bright Pattern’s quality management system that enables admins and call centers to monitor call center performance through a variety of key performance indicators, like uptime, first call resolution (FCR), average handle time (AHT), and customer satisfaction (CSAT). Monitor 100% of interactions on all channels with Bright Pattern’s omnichannel platform. Ensure that the customer experience is exceptional on all channels, and all incoming calls or incoming messages are positive experiences for the customer.

Omni QM makes it easy for your call center admins to monitor the entire contact center from one unified dashboard. Omni QM also allows supervisors and admins to perform real-time intervention on any channel. For example, if a negative interaction is detected on any form of telecommunications or any channel of communication, admins can redirect the call to a retention specialist. The scripts of the conversation are saved for review and agent retraining. With Omni QM, make every experience, including the IVR experience, a great one.

Bright Pattern’s conversational platforms are omnichannel, meaning that agents and customers can have conversations on any channel, and switch the conversation between multiple channels. This includes digital channels like chatbot, SMS, and messenger apps, as well as traditional channels like voice and email.

Bright Pattern’s omnichannel capabilities are both inbound and outbound. For inbound interactions, callers can be routed to the right person, especially to an agent in an important role who is suited to help that specific issue. This interaction can take place on any channel and interactions can be transferred to specific departments over any channel. With the addition of an IVR system powered by natural language, analytics, and advanced algorithms, running an inbound call center can be an efficient, frictionless part of your business’s CX strategy. This reduces hold times, helps control call volumes, and increases ROI for your business.

For outbound interactions, Bright Pattern’s contact center solution utilizes an automated phone system and predictive dialers that can quickly dial and skip automated responses. Bright Pattern’s call center solution allows customers to callback as well on any channel, increasing satisfaction and leading to a positive customer experience. Bright Pattern’s outbound dialing capabilities can be utilized as part of your CX strategy, and power your outbound CX strategy to be efficient, yet personalized.

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