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Bright Pattern for ServiceNow

The Bright Pattern ServiceNow call center integration allows your cloud call center to see the entire customer journey with your helpdesk, IT services, or cloud call center. Extend cloud call center capabilities and improve the efficiency of your call center with the ServiceNow platform to provide an exceptional customer experience. With the ServiceNow call center integration, Bright Pattern provides the cloud contact center with ServiceNow data to allow contact center agents to access detailed call histories and the latest announcements in customer’s tickets, improving the efficiency of your call center and leading digital transformation in your CX.

Combines industry–leading omnichannel call center capabilities with the rich IT service management (ITSM) and customer support information contained in your ServiceNow platform to provide an exceptional customer experience for your customers, employees, experts, and knowledge workers. With our ServiceNow call center integration, we provide you with robust outbound capabilities for campaigns, advanced inbound and routing capabilities for service and support, and blended capabilities for multipurpose call centers.

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Why Clients Choose Bright Pattern

Unified Agent Desktop

The Bright Pattern ServiceNow call center integration supports search, identification, and screen pop functionality, as well as creating, updating, and searching ServiceNow items incidents and problems based on interaction data.

AI and Bots

Our ServiceNow call center integration also provides powerful artificial intelligence (AI) and bot solutions to give experts and customers enhanced automation to speed up time to resolution and improve the customer experience.

Virtual Contact Center Software

The Bright Pattern omnichannel cloud call center platform can integrate with your ServiceNow platform to offer the best ITSM and customer support experience possible.

Easy Access to ServiceNow for Agents

Bright Pattern’s ServiceNow call center integration integrates the ServiceNow platform with Bright Pattern’s omnichannel call center solution. Through the ServiceNow integration, your cloud call center can extend cloud call center capabilities with Bright Pattern’s omnichannel call center solution. Bright Pattern’s integration with ServiceNow means that agents can easily access ServiceNow through a popup screen, or access the Bright Pattern platform through a popup screen if Bright Pattern is integrated into the ServiceNow call center. Through popup screens, agents can easily access the entire customer journey, digital workflows, and ServiceNow records.

Omnichannel Capabilities

Bright Pattern is an omnichannel cloud call center platform that supports all emerging digital channels as well as traditional ones, and provides a host of call-handling tools to help facilitate CX. Bright Pattern supports channels like voice, email, chatbot, SMS, text messaging, messenger apps, and more. Conversations can also be transferred among channels. For example, conversations that start as outbound telephone calls can then be switched to a chatbot, which can then be switched to a messenger app conversation. With a ServiceNow call center software integration, your agents can get access to the entire customer journey histories with your call center.

Bring Your Own Telco for Any Customer Service Application

Bright Pattern’s computer telephony integration (CTI) allows your cloud call center to bring in any third-party phone system. Bright Pattern’s computer telephony integration, or CTI integration, means that any third-party phone system can be utilized with Bright Pattern’s platform, allowing you to bring your own telco. Through CTI and CTI integration, your agents can handle customer service applications easily through their desktop computer. Combine computer telephony integration and CTI integration with Bright Pattern’s ServiceNow call center integration for endless flexibility in your new contact center.

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Customizable journeys

Bright Pattern’s ServiceNow call center integration allows your call center to customize the journey for customers and agents. With workflows, each agent’s ServiceNow instance can be different depending on their specific user role. Bright Pattern’s cloud call center platform with ServiceNow integration can be adapted to system requirements and specific user roles to ensure that the agent can best service the customer.

Omnichannel Quality Management

Bright Pattern’s ServiceNow call center integration provides many benefits for the supervisor as well. With the ServiceNow call center software, the supervisor experience is made seamless and easy. Through unified dashboards, supervisors can get access to full agent information and performance analytics on any channel, like voice, chatbot, messenger apps, SMS, text messaging, and more.

Analytics are critical for providing an exceptional experience. By combining ServiceNow information and communication data with advanced analytics tools from Bright Pattern, your business will be better prepared to provide an exceptional journey across all channels.

Unified Agent Desktop

Our omnichannel contact center solution gives your organization the ability to seamlessly communicate with clients throughout their entire customer journey.

Omnichannel Quality Management

Ensure consistently excellent customer experiences and optimize call center performance with AI-powered OmniQM.

CRM Integration

Track the customer journey with your business on any channel. Integrations with all CRM providers or your own system of records.

ServiceNow Benefits

Faster Service for Routing Tasks

Typical tasks such as checking a balance can be offered up automatically to customers for fast selection and service.

Faster First Contact Resolution (FCR)

With easy access to information through popup screens, agents can see previous interaction history to quickly resolve customer’s issues.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Customers who are routed to the best resource or department with the right information get their issue resolved faster, resulting in higher CSAT.

Easier Navigation Based on Needs

Depending on the specific user role, customers can be navigating to specific agents that can best serve their needs.

Reduce Operational Costs

Bright Pattern, through CTI and CTI processing, allows your call center or ITSM organization to bring your own telco.

Improved Agent Productivity

Route customers to the best agent to their desktop through CTI, with agents having full info access through the popup screen.

Better Customer Service

ServiceNow CTI integration means ServiceNow information can be in a popup screen for agents to use.

Anytime, Anywhere 24/7 Access

Agents can easily access information from the popup screen, allowing agents to easily work through any customer service application.

Optimize Company Resources

Saves money on labor, lower customer queue times, improve call flow, automate routine activities, and stay available for the customer at all times.

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Additional Applications

An IVR self-service application helps direct inbound calls and outbound calls to the right destination in the best route possible. The goal of a voice response system is to help the caller reach their desired destination as quickly as possible, improving the customer experience.

Capture Customer Information

An IVR system can also be designed to extract information from callers that are used for other purposes. Information like phone numbers, account numbers, and credit card info can be collected through an IVR application. Businesses can set up surveys to obtain valuable data from their customers, after the call is done.

IVR data can help businesses and call centers anticipate events or times that typically trigger increased call rates, so that they can manage increased demand.

CRM Integration

Sales departments have also employed IVRs so that customers can place orders over the phone. For example, during political campaigns, an IVR can place robocalls with political information. Combining an IVR’s outbound telephone calls capabilities with survey technology is a great way to reach out to voters, get the latest announcements out, and gather data.

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Additional Bright Pattern Features

Users Love Bright Pattern

“The ease of implementation for chat has enabled us to quickly build and turn chat on for our customer facing sites in less than a day.”
Derek G.

Director of Contact Center Operations

“It is an extremely robust, while easy to use software. It can handle massive telephony centers with ease while maintaining competitive telco charges.”

BPO Technology Lead

“Great product and a great team. The product has worked as designed and has been very reliable. The call quality has also been excellent. The scenario tool is very powerful. It is also well integrated into Zendesk.”
Sean Rivers

Director of Operations Technology

“We have switched over from Interactive Intelligence 3 years ago and have been really happy so far. We had 100% up-time and enjoy the cooperation with their software developers and management team.”
Othmar B.

VP Marketing

“I answer all my calls from clients on retail with softphone and I can work at home effectively too. It is a way for me to judge my productivity and see how many emails I am answering with the dashboard that is displayed. ”
Julie T.

Retail Support Representative

“The system was very easy to setup along with training and onboarding from the Bright Pattern team. We use Bright pattern for inbound transactions, such as incoming calls, emails and chat. The reporting tools are easy to use and propvide the SLA data required for our partners.”
Sal Y.

Head of Customer Support

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