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Bright Pattern’s omnichannel contact center solution can fully integrate Microsoft Teams. This means subject matter experts from the rest of the business outside the call center can participate in customer assistance alongside contact center agents. With Bright Pattern’s Microsoft Teams call center integration, created a connected contact center that can utilize the Microsoft Teams solution to bring other Teams users and subject matter experts into contributing knowledge during omnichannel conversations. Bright Pattern is one of the best contact center vendors and innovators in MS Teams integration.

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Why Clients Choose Bright Pattern

Zendesk CRM Integration

Full CRM Integration with Collaboration

Bright Pattern integrates seamlessly with Microsoft products, giving you access to Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Teams. Increase channel contact center functionality, improve your customer service capabilities with the Teams phone system, and deliver a personal customer experience to increase CSAT.

AI and Bots For Call Center Software

AI and Bots

Bright Pattern integrates with powerful artificial intelligence and bot solutions. Utilize auto attendants to capture call details, and experience increased workforce efficiency while improving channel contact center functionality.

Microsoft Teams Call Center

Extended Communication Channels

Bright Pattern’s utilizes omnichannel customer communication to deliver an omnichannel customer experience on all channels. Ditch traditional multichannel solution and utilize channels like voice, email, video, text, web chat, SMS, and messenger apps, and perform seamless transitions between channels for better channel contact center functionality.

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Multichannel vs Omnichannel Contact Center Software

It is important to distinguish between a multichannel call center solution and an omnichannel call center solution. Both multichannel and omnichannel customer service and contact center solutions involve communicating through multiple channels that move beyond traditional phone systems. The key difference between the two lies in whether the call center reps can handle multiple channels and customer interactions simultaneously.

With a multichannel solution, the customer is offered multiple media channels for communication, such as voice and chat, but the agent can only handle one channel at a time. With an omnichannel contact center, however, multiple channels are offered to the customer and the agent can handle more than one channel at a time. For example, an agent in an omnichannel contact center can accept a chat, answer a call, and respond to an email simultaneously. When a customer is enabled to move between media channels and be served by the same agent in the same conversation, the customer experience improves dramatically.

The customer journey may start with a desktop visit to the website, followed by a chat or SMS from a mobile device, and escalate to voice via phone. Today’s customers want the ability to interact across channels and have a consistent and personalized experience throughout. A multichannel call center software solution is siloed and creates friction in the customer journey. Because Bright pattern accesses relevant information from Salesforce and makes it available across all communication channels, your company can be assured that your customers are receiving a personal and successful experience.

Bright Pattern’s omnichannel customer experience platform is built on a single unified architecture that manages all channels natively while maintaining context. The result is a consistent, meaningful, and personal customer experience.

Bright Pattern’s omnichannel contact center solution not only enables a seamless transition between channels, but it also allows customers to stay in contact with the same agent, saving them the trouble of having to be transferred to another line or repeating themselves to a different representative.

Because Bright Pattern’s cloud customer experience platform accesses relevant information from Salesforce and makes it available across all communication channels, your company can be assured that your customers are receiving a personal and successful experience.

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See Who’s Available on Your Team

Bright Pattern’s CCaaS Microsoft Teams integration allows you to see user presence in your contact center. See whether your teammate is available, busy, away, or offline on Microsoft Teams through Bright Pattern’s cloud contact center platform. Improve CSAT in the contact center with Microsoft Teams through unified communications in the business with a Teams contact center.

Agent Empowerment

Extend the Conversation Beyond Microsoft Teams

Bright Pattern’s omnichannel setup means that the conversation in Teams can happen while your conversations with customers continue on any channel. Utilize a variety of different contact center functionality to improve the customer experience. Capture call details through interactive voice response (IVR), and utilize omnichannel contact center functionality within Bright Pattern’s digital contact center solution to connect with customers on all channels. Make your Microsoft Teams contact center omnichannel.

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Your Teams And Groups On The Platform

Bright Pattern’s Microsoft Teams integration allows the Teams client platform to fully integrate into your MS Teams call center, meaning your workforce can be divided into teams and groups within the Bright Pattern CCaaS solution. Through Bright Pattern’s deep integrations, Power a Microsoft Teams call center and allow your cloud contact center to fully integrate teams into your contact center.

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Customizable Workflows through Bright Pattern’s Platform

Bright Pattern’s contact center platform lets you configure your customer engagement workflows by allowing you to set workflows for specific use cases in your contact center. Set specific customer engagement workflows within the CCaaS platform and mold Bright Pattern’s digital contact center solution to your industry.

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