Connect with the Best Agents First

Interactions and messages are delivered to the highest-skilled agents first; if they are not available, the interaction goes to the next highest skilled agent. We call this skills-based routing. When agents are added as users to our contact center solution, their skills (e.g., language, assigned campaigns, chat support, email support, and much more) are noted in the system as percentages, where 100% represents the highest skill level and 0% represents the lowest. Agents with the highest skill levels will receive interactions first. For example, an agent who is 100% skilled in Spanish will receive Spanish-based customer calls first, ahead of the agent who is just 25% skilled in that language.

Fair, Automatic Agent Selection

Skills-based routing is driven by automatic call distribution (ACD) technology. Automated agent selection helps contact centers to streamline the process of call and interaction distribution. Ultimately, this saves time for both customers and agents because the most-skilled agents can resolve customer issues and inquiries the fastest. Moreover, automated agent selection is fair, based on measured, demonstrated skill levels.

Short Wait Times

For contact centers and customers alike, the shorter the wait time, the better. Because this method of distribution prioritizes both agent skill and availability, customers are connected to agents in the most efficient, fastest way possible.


  • Send customers to the best agents
  • Prioritize skill levels and availability
  • Automatically distribute interactions
  • Decrease wait times
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Connect on all channels

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